Girl’s Night In: Wine Pairings that Pop

Skinny Pop

If you’re anything like me you social drinking doesn’t actually happen in a bar, but rather on your sofa while talking to a good friend or watching whichever show is the latest craze. (actually I’m just watching Fixer Upper- always). Honestly, I don’t even go to bars.

Skinny Pop reached out to me and asked if I’d be interested in bringing you a popcorn and wine pairing list. I loved the idea, because first of all drinks and snacks are important to me, but more importantly I’m kind of obsessed with white cheddar SkinnyPop. I think I defeat the “skinny” part by eating most of a bag in one sitting- but the stuff is delicious, and I don’t feel guilty like I would if it was Doritos (my other cheesy love).

Now, if I’m drinking wine it’s white. So that means I should be eating white cheddar popcorn with chardonnay. Not a bad way to start your weekend. Cheers!

SkinnyPop Wine

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