Three CD’s That Need to be Added to Your Road Trip Playlist:

Every now and then you’ll come across a album that makes you wish the drive was longer just so you could finish it. They’re rare, but when they come they tend to stick on your playlist for not weeks but months.

They get down in your soul, they say something to you. They’re just right.

Since they are so hard to find I thought I would share my three favorites. They’re all fairly recent albums and they aren’t super main stream- so there is still a chance I might be able to introduce you to something you love.

And the best part? You won’t want to skip a single song on the album.


Matt Wertz – Gun Shy


I found Matt Wertz when he was the opening act for a band I went to see called Parachute. Normally with opening acts you end up downloading one of their songs and calling it a day. Wertz was different. I bought his CD on the spot, and it was a great one, but his new one, Gun Shy, has stolen my heart. I’ve only had it on my playlist for about a week and I already know the words to every song. For some reason it hits me just right when listening to it with the windows rolled down at night. You can find it on Spotify here.

Maren Morris – HERO


This gal has some Johnny Cash vibes about. She hit country radio with her single “My Church” and I liked the song so I looked her up. I hope she continues to do will on country radio, but her her music is nothing like mainstream country right now- and I love it. This album has a mix of serious songs with some humorous ones thrown in. My favorite lyric currently is “that’s like saying drunk girls don’t cry.” You can find it on Spotify here.

Logan Brill – Shuteye



Brill’s first CD was great, but her second one really made me fall in love with her. If you liked end up liking Maren Morris you’ll probably like Logan Brill too (even though I found them in reverse order). They let off very similar vibes. Older country, and in my opinion very country. No trucks and tailgates and beer. Just good soul music. This CD is so emotional, and so amazing. My favorite song on the album is “Tupelo”. I got the pleasure of seeing Brill live when she opened for someone. It says something when you go to a concert just to see the opening act. You can find it on Spotify here.


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