Internally Happy.


I’ve been thinking a lot about happiness recently, about what it means, how to get it, and how to keep it. I’ve even been reading about it.

Happiness is achievable, we’ve all been happy before. We know it’s real, we know we’ll feel it again. The problem with happiness is it never seems to last as long as we want it too. In fact, it often feels fleeting.

When people say they want happiness in life, they mean for life. And that’s a tall order, in fact, it’s impossible. But still, here we are wanting. So what can we do to hang onto happiness longer, or at least regain it quickly after it leaves?

The problem we have as humans is we base our happiness on the current situation we are in. It’s hard to be happy when your life is falling apart in your hands.

But it is possible.

Now, I’m not saying that you’re going to be delirious in times of crisis. I’m saying that instead of falling downwards in a spiral you’ll be able to float on the surface.

C.S. Lewis said “Don’t let your happiness depend on something you may lose.” and that’s something we do daily. I know that it feels like we can lose just about everything that makes us happy, but there is one thing that you’ll never lose- and that’s you.

I’m talking internal happiness. Happiness that you carry with you.

The only way to achieve it is too look at your positive traits and let them shine though- knowing that you always have these traits and skills and that you can turn them into real tangible things again, just like you have before.

We forget that we are the common denominator in all our happy moments. We helped create them, and we can do it again, because even if our lives are not beautiful, there is a lot in this world that is, and we’ve channeled it before, so we can channel it again.

Internal happiness is a strange kind of happiness. Its a mix of confidence and hope. Two things that once you get in your heart you never lose.

My life isn’t great right now, but I am, and because of that I can live knowing my life will be again.

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