5 Ways to Meet People After you Leave College:


Graduation is hard on friendships. It’s hard because the ones you have scatter, and finding new ones is a lot more complicated then it was. We’ve been in school all our lives. We’ve always had pools of similarly-aged people to form relationships with. It’s honestly amazing when you think about it.

Now you can meet people at work in the same way. You can become great friends with co-workers. But they aren’t always in the same walk of life as you, and while that doesn’t mean you won’t be close, it does mean that you might need to find those people who are elsewhere.

So how do you do it? What do you do? Here’s my five suggestions on ways to meet people after college:

  1. Classes– I know school is out, but I’m a big believer in the fact that we should never stop learning. The plus side is now it can be a bit more fun. Want to learn how to make stain glass? Want to learn how to do just about anything without having to worry about grades and GPA? It’s time, and you’ll find a lot of people there who are interested in the same kind of things you are!
  2. Community Organizations– There is literally a woman’s club for my neighborhood that my mother is apart of. I just started the application to join Junior League. Most of these types of organizations have to do with building community and volunteering. And both those things are amazing, plus most people join them to meet people as well!
  3. Church– This one might not be the one for you if you’re not religious, but most churches have a ministry for 20-somethings! And they aren’t all about bible study, they include a lot of going out, hanging out, and cooking out. Give it a go if you’re into it, these folks tend to have similar morals to you.
  4. Adult Sports– So you played in college, or high school, or you just think it sounds like a fun way to get your workout in. There are a ton of adult teams that meet up once a week to play whichever sport you are interested in! Dig into the online world to try to find one near you. They’re nice, because you meet people, you work out, and you have fun? Sounds like a win, win, win.
  5. Friends– This one might have made you stumble. But making friends through friends is the most natural way to go about it. You might know most of your friend’s friends, but one day I said to someone I love that I was having problems meeting people and I needed more friends. You know what happened? They made a ton of effort to include me in plans with people I both did and didn’t know. You can do this with coworkers too, anyone you trust. Be open.

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