How have a Better Everyday Attitude: Little Steps towards a Big Goal

009Surround yourself with “ideas, dreams, and dive” people: Positive people are some of the best influences. I’m not talking about the ones who are so peppy they make you tired or people who are always happy. I’m talking about people who try to find the best in people and events. The ones who can make a good conversation out of anything and give good advice. I saw a tweet recently (un-cited) that said that we should surround ourselves with people who talk about ideas, dreams, and dive, not people who talk about other people. It’s just something interesting to think about, because we are all influenced by the people we spend time around.

Read more: We don’t think that reading makes a huge difference in our lives, it’s something we all like to do, but sometimes it doesn’t seem worth the time. However, reading is a great tool to improve your attitude and outlook on life. Whether it’s reading a book geared towards making you think, or a novel,  books make us see things in a different perspective. They change the way we see the world, and in default- our lives.

Are you not a big book person? Try some really good blog posts or magazines instead!

Start making lists of all different types: We hear about how to do lists can give us the extra push to get things done, so why don’t we make them daily? A lot of people say do them at night, but when I do that I always stay up thinking about them. I suggest you do them first thing. And while you at it, you should make monthly goals. We all make yearly ones, but how many of them fade out? If you have to keep putting the same goal on your list over and over again then you’ll get an extra push. The same thing goes for that to do list, why don’t you start fresh every other day at the least?

Sometimes writing down what we want can be super over whelming, and I get that, so I suggest that you should make a list of things that went right on the nights that you are feeling that. That’s something that’ll make sleeping easier.

Unfriend, unfollow, unlike: Whether we like to admit it or not, we spend a ton of time on social media and what we see effects us. There are tons of negative things posted on these sites daily. And sometimes, it’s not even politics or opinions (though sometimes it’s good to block those too depending) it’s just drama. We don’t need to know about the fights that guy we went to middle school is getting into- even if we do like it because it makes us feel like we’re watching reality TV. Another thing? That girl who you didn’t keep up with, but somehow always find yourself envious over her perfect life? Unfollow her too. She’s dragging you down more than you know.

Open the blinds, go for a walk, hunt pokemon- just get outside: Nature is a great natural anti-depressant, exercise is good for your body and reduces stress, studies have shown that being outside more helps put your life in perspective. Maybe it has something with nature being so great, but it might also just have to do with shutting down work for a bit, or stirring your blood. Either way try to get out every now and then, it makes a big difference.

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