How to have a Minimalist Wardrobe without having to Commit to a Capsule Wardrobe:


Remember this outfit of the day? It was a staple all last fall and I’m excited to wear it again. I’m trying to buy less this fall, and winter, and next spring. Why? Because I want a more minimal wardrobe.

I know capsule wardrobes are all the rage over the blogging world right now, but to be honest, I’m not that committed.  And when I see something I really really want, I don’t think I should have to throw out another shirt I also really want. I don’t think we can set limits on how many articles of clothing we should have, especially these extreme ones that say 10 items per season. They wouldn’t like my sweater drawer at all.

I understand the drive though, to live a simpler life, less materialistic drives, and have a more defined style. It makes sense, but there are ways you can do this without going to capsule wardrobe. Here are my tips to do just that:

Do a purge: It’s the start of all these things. I’m not asking you to throw it all away, or even only keep things you wear every week, but if it’s a fall item and you didn’t wear it last fall you might need to look into selling it. If you have three sweaters that are so similar sometimes you forget which is which, you might want to sell two of them. I get that there are a few dresses that you will keep, simply because you could need them in the future, that’s fine, but don’t save it if your need for the future is less bridal shower and more dinner with the queen. Again, don’t set a limit, just be honest with yourself.

Shop with a certain intention: There is this thing called the slow fashion movement. The concept is buying pieces that you’ll still love five years from now, and that will still be around five years from now. It’s not to say you can’t buy trendy pieces, but more to say that you don’t want your whole closet to be just trendy pieces. Buy staples and buy them to last. You’ve seen in my OOTD posts that I have a few items from places like Forever 21. I’m no longer buying from places like that, because the quality is terrible and they don’t last. Plus for them to match my style I’m normally just buying basics anyways, and those are the pieces that I wear a lot, I need something to stand up to that!

Shop your closet daily: What I mean by this is that we all normally pair the same skirt with one or two tops. Branch out! Start mixing patterns and colors, or whatever your thing might be. You’ll never know if they go together if you don’t try. New outfits and combos mean your less likely to feel like you have nothing to wear, which will normally mean less shopping. Plus I’ve discovered some amazing outfits by forcing myself out of my normal looks!

Really define your style: Whether you’re starting with a Pinterest blog or just looking through your Tumblr, we all tend to lean towards certain types of looks. While it’s good (and fun!) to go outside of those sometimes, our clothes should reflect our normal style. You shouldn’t be buying a lot of bright statement pieces if you almost always dress in neutrals. Sometimes it can be confusing because we like multiple styles even though we only really like one or two of them on us. Finding your personal style is a great way to own less clothes, but it’s also really important when it comes to defining yourself as a whole (but defining yourself is a whole ‘nother blog post all together).

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