9.7.16: Life Updates


Sorry for the radio silence guys! I know that this is where most bloggers would lead into some amazing news they have to share, but that’s simply not the case. I’ve been sick with Lyme Disease for the last two and a half months along with two sinus infections and a double ear infection- it got a little rough in the last two weeks so I wasn’t feeling up to blogging. They’ve got me on two different long running antibiotics, so hopefully this next week and a half will be the end of it.

I kind of need it to be if I’m being honest, you can only be sick for so long before it starts to really kill your mood.

Blogging will pick up as usual in the next week or so because, Lord knows, I’ve had enough time to brainstorm content.

In slightly related news, over the last few weeks I’ve decided I’m going to pick back up all those hobbies I loved so much (you know, the ones that I don’t do because I’m always online.) That’s not to say I won’t be online, but that I’ll be spending my time a little better online. You know, only little time on Facebook and Tumblr and more time reading blogs or working.

What would those hobbies be?

  • Reading: I normally and putting down two or three books a month, and you can probably tell by my book reviews that I’m slacking
  • Writing: I’m a novelist at heart, and in general really. For a few years there I was producing a novel a year. It’s been three years since I’ve finished one! Which is crazy. I’m jump starting this one. In the last five days I’ve written seventy pages on a sequel to my long time favorite finished work.
  • Photography: I do it for this blog but that’s been about it! I need to expand some more and be a little more creative- back to the level I was when I was taking classes on it in college.

And who knows, maybe I’ll look into getting some more!

Until next time.

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