10 Questions to Ask Yourself when Looking for Direction and Identity:



Everyone gets in a bit of a rut sometimes. Whether it’s with who we are or what we’re doing in our lives we feel at a loss sometimes. We think we’ve moved past it only to find ourselves facing this problem all over again. Everyone says to write out our goals, and it helps a lot, but that’s not always enough. We need a lot more than that to help get us out of these holes. These questions are just the tip of an iceberg, but lets talk about what you really need to be asking yourself at these times.

  • If you got the life you wanted and ended up still being unhappy what would you do to change it?
  • Which friends do you find yourself wishing you were more like?
  • If someone were to write a biography about you what would you want them to know that they might not know from watching your life second hand?

  • What hobbies did you enjoy when you were growing up? Why did you stop them if they brought you joy?
  • What’s the worst thing that could happen in the next year? The best? Are they opposites?
  • What are your five biggest strengths? What do they have in common? Where to they work together?
  • If you were to fast forward a few months or a year do you think it would hard or easy to catch up on what had happened to you? Would you like it to be easier? Harder?
  • If you got to pick a single word or sentence for someone to describe you as what would it be? What can you do to be more like that word?
  • What is your biggest source of stress and drama? What’s the most drastic thing you could do to stop them?
  • How long do each of your goals take? How much time are you giving yourself to get them done?

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