Anna’s Christmas Wish List


These beautiful Jonathon Adler Elephant Bookends have been in my local Barnes & Noble for years. I’ve always wanted them, but I couldn’t justify spending that much money on bookends. Okay, I’ve decided if my parents don’t grab them for Christmas, I’ll grab them for myself. I’ve been lusting over them for to long.


So I have a pair of brown booties and I wear them all the time, I decided I wanted a pair of black ones, but of course when I was looking through booties I fell in love with a Navy pair instead. But, you know, they are pretty dark so they could pass as black. These are Lucky Brand.


Have I ever mentioned how much I love Fixer Upper? No? Well, don’t worry, I’m reading the Magnolia Story now, so you’ll hear more about my undying love with the show later. However, I know I’m not going to go to Waco. It might happen one day, but I have no desire to travel there anytime soon. I do want a little piece of it though, so that’s why this t-shirt is on my list.

What is on your Christmas wishlist this year? I’m always looking for ideas on what to get others, so I would love to hear everyone’s “must haves”!

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