Why I Won’t be Watching #GIRLBOSS on Netflix.


If you’ve read every book on bloggers ‘must read’ lists then you know about #GIRLBOSS. I haven’t seen a list without it in a long time. I read the book and I wasn’t as carried away with it as everyone else, I thought it was written poorly and had bad flow, but the story was good enough.

I didn’t actually have a problem with the book until I looked into the story it was about. I found articles like this one full of reviews from Nasty Gal’s workers saying that the business was run poorly and that Sophia Amoruso filled management roles based on friendship not skill. For a long time Glassdoor only had a two out five star rating from employees who worked there. In the last year it’s gone up to three. Sophia Amoruso is no longer CEO but when I read about all of this she was and a lot of the reviews were directed at her personally.

Those reviews weren’t even considering the lawsuit Nasty Gal was involved in after firing more than one female employee right before they took maternity leave. For a woman and business that were built on women empowering women I couldn’t think of an action that counter acts that message more.

There was also a few trademark lawsuits against the company, including one from Hell’s Angels of all groups.

As if this wasn’t enough about the kind of boss behind Nasty Gal, there is the fact that the fashion retailer filed for bankruptcy, and while this didn’t end Nasty Gal, it does state something, the business wasn’t making money for itself.

Once I started gathering the details I realized that there was more to the bestseller #GIRLBOSS then the book let on, and it wasn’t positive. Of course, this hasn’t hurt the books sales or Sophia Amoruso’s name (though I’m not sure how) but it does make the book a self-promotional item and little else. Amoruso sold her success and rags to riches in this book, but as it turns out she wasn’t the best boss.

4 thoughts on “Why I Won’t be Watching #GIRLBOSS on Netflix.

    • annadownsouth says:

      I didn’t when I bought the book and read it! I was trying to jump on the bandwagon. I saw something about it on Twitter and went down the rabbit hole for half an hour. It’s interesting what people can do to their public image.


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