February Sun Daze:


(Button down: LOFT // Tank: Old Navy // Jeans: LOFT // Boots: Lucchese)

I told my mom I felt like I was dressed like a cowgirl from the 80’s. When I tied my top at my belt she couldn’t help but laugh. The skinny jeans were saving me, if I had been wearing mom jeans (which seem to be making a comeback?) it would have really thrown it over the edge. I wasn’t planning on my shirt matching my jeans as dead on as they did, but I rolled with it. I also decided to roll with the giant sunspot in the middle of these photos, because, why not? 

North Carolina’s weather is being typically untypical. Yesterday it hit 80, today I’m in long sleeves. I’m hoping Spring comes early this year, but we normally get at least one late snow in Greensboro. The trees are confused, though, we have more than one in the city in bloom. Hopefully they can just go straight to green.


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