Magazine of the Moment: Success


It’s been a while since I have done a Magazine of the Moment post (you can check out the past ones here) but I felt like this was a good time to do this particular magazine.

Success Magazine is marketed towards entrepreneurs, but it’s really a great read for any professional. The magazine covers self improvement, leadership, and ways to find happiness and (wait for it) success.

I say it’s a good time to spotlight this magazine because now that I’m healthy I’m starting to look back at going into the workforce. I’m borderline well, which means it’s time to get a proper plan in place. I prefer magazines like this for inspiration than those like Inc. because I find the articles more digestible and the topics more suited for people of different walks of life. We can’t all be CEO’s.

Every time I pick up this magazine I feel ready to build something of myself and tackle the world. Now, this doesn’t always lead straight to me doing that, but it gives me some needed perspective and inspiration. It gets your head ready to manage the tasks of the day whether you are look to start a business, tackle a big project in yours, or simply getting some drive to preform better at your job.

This magazine is a great tool and even though I haven’t been as close to going back to work as I am now, I still have been picking them up to read from B&N every now and then to keep in the right mind space.

You can check out their website here, if you’re looking to buy a past issue my favorite recent one is the one pictured with John Wooden on the cover! I also recently followed their twitter account which is a great source of quotes on your feed. Find it here and mine here!

Till next time, happy reading!

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