Motivation and Action: What the key to success is.


“If we wait until we’re ready, we’ll be waiting for the rest of our lives.”
― Lemony Snicket

I’m here to talk about motivation. Motivation is a really magical thing. It’s something that gets our blood pumping and it gets us excited about getting done what we need to get done. Motivation, some would argue, is a key to success.

I’ve read blog posts on blog posts on how to get motivated. There are a lot of way to try and create motivation, reading certain things, listening to certain things, triggering any sort of inspiration we can find. We should try and be motivated, it’s a good thing.

Motivation, however, is not the key to success.

There will be times when absolutely nothing gets you motivated. It doesn’t matter what you do, what event you need to get ready for, sometimes it just won’t come. A lot of things we aren’t motivated to do aren’t fun, the outcome might be, but the action hardly ever is. But if we wait on motivation, we can easily lose our shot at ever reaching the outcome.

We have to act in spite of our motivation. We have to act when we don’t want to. We have to act when it is the last thing we want. Motivation, inspiration, drive, are all beautiful things, but when push comes to shove they all just contribute to the main factor of success: Action.

How do you force action? You just do. It’s not something that can be taught, it’s just something you do. If you know what needs to be done, stop making excuses for not doing it. Stop procrastinating it. Stop pushing it off to the side. Stop saying you’re not ready. Just do it. There is no perfect time or perfect mood to do something. It’s noble and productive to try and trigger desire for action and we should do so, but we can’t let lack of motivation stand between us and what we really want.

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