6-4-17: A Late Afternoon Photo Diary


I realized late afternoon yesterday that I need to start carrying my giant DSLR around with me again. I’ve gotten really lazy about it because my phone has a camera like everyone else (even though it really needs an upgrade, even if just for the camera). I forget how much that giant camera makes me want to take pictures and I forget just how much there really is to take pictures of.

I’m a strong believer that we shouldn’t be recording every second of our lives, but I forget how beautiful some of those moments are. For example, yesterday afternoon after a flash storm. My yard was overcast and it seemed to be calling me out to come take pictures of it.  

Yesterday in itself was a slow day. I spent most of my Sunday sleeping, taking time to recharge after this slight down spell I’ve had in my Lyme recovery. (Normally, I have a bad week for every good one, lately the ratio has been in my fave 2:1.) But Sunday night I was up and moving. My mom and I made cookie dough, I spent thirty minutes photographing outside, and I wrote another couple of thousand words on one of my novels. (I would be making much faster progress if I was writing one at a time instead of three.)


Take this photo diary as a reminder to enjoy the simple things. After all, nothing is more simple than a Sunday evening spent wandering around your garden before eating a ton of raw cookie dough.

We tend to record our big events and forget our daily, but sometimes our daily is a lot more beautiful than we give it credit for.


8 thoughts on “6-4-17: A Late Afternoon Photo Diary

    • annadownsouth says:

      With three you’ve got a little bit of everything! One is realistic fiction set here in NC, based mainly on the concept of finding family and creating a home mentally. The other two are both fantasy, something I’ve loved writing since I was a teen, those cover a lot bigger topics, or maybe just a lot more topics. 🙂

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      • live_a_life_less_ordinary says:

        Of course 🙂 I used to like to write fiction and poetry, but I don’t find time or inspiration much these days. However, I worked in a draft of a novel off and on from 2014-16, and I’ve been thinking I might want to work on revising it again soon. It’s a story about coming to terms with the past, I guess… The timeline alternates between the mid-1990s, about an awkward college kid with a pen pal in another state, and 2014, when the same guy, now in middle age and facing some crises and big decisions, finds the old letters from his long lost pen pal and attempts to track her down. It’s based on things that actually happened to me. I told someone that this story was both my love letter to the place where I lived in the 90s (Davis, Calif.) and my resigned acceptance that those days are gone forever…

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