Why you shouldn’t do things just to inspire others:


When you say that people shouldn’t do things to impress others everyone agrees without hesitation, but when you say that you shouldn’t aspire to inspire, you get a little push back. People like being inspirational. Especially who live in modern times because we live in a world where everyone has a window to your life, even complete strangers (this blog, your Instagram- you know what I mean).

I got a little cocky the other day when one of my friends told me that they found my winning fight with something as inspirational. I let it go to my head a little, I was like, hell yes. I am inspirational. And I am, and honestly you are too, we are all inspirational, that’s not in question, it’s about doing things for the purpose of inspiring. It gets a little shady.

If the only reason you are doing something is because you think it’s inspiring you’re doing it for the wrong reason. Your should never be looking at your life through the window other people do. You should be looking at it from the inside, because that is where you are. Your choices shouldn’t seem inspiring when you make them, they should seem logical, they should seem like the only possible way. That’s how you make good choices.

Maybe me winning my fight with depression was inspiring, but it wasn’t when I was doing it. It was dirty, it was hard, it was the only option.

Do I find it inspiring looking back?

Yeah, actually I do. But that’s not why I did it and that’s not why you should do anything. I wasn’t trying to inspire others and I wasn’t trying to inspire my future self. If I had been it probably wouldn’t have been that inspirational, because when we do things to impress (and inspiring things are impressive) we fall short, because we are acting for a completely wrong reason.

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