Six of my favorite Instagram accounts:


Consider this a follow Friday on a Thursday! I’ve never been very good with keeping up with the appropriate time to use a hashtag. I’m known to #tbt on a Monday.

I did a post on blogs you should follow a while back, so I wanted to do one that include five of my favorite Instagram accounts so everyone on her could go check them out! The sixth is mine, because I’m shamelessly self promoting.

folkandco – I love this woman’s instastories as much as I love her main account. She’s a homesteader and posts a ton of beautiful pictures on that life style.

thericheproject – I’ve been following this guy for years, he’s such a sharp dresser and his photography style is simply perfect.

vibecke66 – Beautiful moody photography of food, dressage horses, and a dream like life. Her feed looks like it’s out of a fairy tale book.

biggerthanthethreeofus – An interior design blog. I love watching Ashley as she redoes her home a room at a time. I also really dig her style.

agirlnamedleney – Slow living is the theme of this account. I really love her aesthetic and the lifestyle she preaches.

annakatherineo – Me! I warned you there was a shameless self promotion in here. I’d love a follow! I’ll check you out as well!



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