OOTD: Let’s get down to business


( Top: LOFT // Skirt: Banana Republic // Shoes: Marc Jacob // Bracelets: Alex and Ani )

It’s only been five months since I’ve done an outfit of the day post. I’d like to say that I have had some cute outfits since then, it was just that the fashion posts were getting a lot more traction than all my other posts and I really didn’t want this to be a fashion blog. Still, they are fun on occasion and I figured what better way to do a “my first week at work” update than with some business casual threads.

My first week has been really good. I think I’m really going to enjoy this job. The people I work with have been amazing. I’ve already had some fun tasks and I’m doing stuff that I feel able and comfortable doing, which means the outcomes have been good. Starting half time has been wonderful because it’s given me sometime to work up my physical endurance, I’m a little tired and achy after my first week, but I’ve done pretty good health wise considering. Getting back on InDesign has been amazing, opening it after a year and a half was a bit like going home. I really enjoy getting to play around with graphic design and I’m glad that this job lets me do that.

I still need to figure out how to decorate a cubical. I’m going to print some photos and maybe paint something. Everyone has something hanging in there’s and right now mine is a little too empty. So if you have any fun ideas let me know! There is a lot of green in it. That’s what’s throwing me off because its, like, avocado green.

Anyways, I hope everyone has had an amazing week. Now that you know what is new with me I’d love to hear what is new with you! If any of you are in school I know that college is about to start up again. It’s crazy that it’s already August.

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