Outrage is all the rage:

I’ve noticed something happening over the past few years. Outrage is in style. I should have noticed it sooner then this year, the viral “what are ya’ll mad about today” tweet that made its rounds everyday, opinion pieces losing their journalistic standards and gaining more explanation points, people creating anonymous accounts just to leave untraceable slurs. I was blind to it though, because I was busy being angry like everyone else. The end of that started when I detoxed my social media six months ago, but really, me deleting that only opened my eyes to how much anger there was, and how much people enjoy being enraged.

When I deleted all the politics and anger from my feeds I noticed that I had problems checking the accounts I had unfollowed. It wasn’t because I was uninformed, I was still keeping up with the news by following sites that reported facts without the slant. It was because I missed the raging opinions. I missed the hot takes.

I thought I missed the passion.

It’s a really interesting situation, being enthralled in anger makes us feel like we’re doing something about the issue, even if we’re just ranting online or to friends who in turn rant back, but in reality all we’re doing is stoking fires that burn out of control.

Anger is bad for you, every time you get worked up it releases stress hormones, which if released to often can cause serious health issues, like high blood pressure, heart attacks, and strokes. And that’s without mentioning the minor ones, like headaches, digestive distress, and skin issues.

It’s also terrible for your mental health, I’m sure that this doesn’t come as a surprise, stress and anger can lead to depression and increased anxiety. If we’re always worked up we’re going to view the world as a terrible place with no joy. If we’re feeding on rage we’re going have problems sleeping.

Sure, you can say that you’d miss the passion, but the reality of it is that I missed the drama of it all. I missed that rush that made me feel like I was part of the solution without lifting a finger.

So what is the solution to missing that? Obviously it’s lifting a finger, or ten, focusing on positive action instead of anger. Surrounding yourself with people who want to inspire change instead of provoke change.

And how do you do that? I’m falling back on this post I wrote, because it’s been one of the things I keep coming back to recently. Focusing on spreading the good news, and if there isn’t any good news about the subject, creating it.

Maybe we aren’t angrier than we have been in previous years, maybe it’s just that those voices have more platforms to scream from. But if you’re like me, you’ve noticed that those voices have gotten louder and louder, and it’s about time we turn them down.

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