Equine Study: Yellow and Green

Bear with me if you’ve seen this before, there was a glitch and this post got reverted to a draft, minus all my text, so I’m writing a new post with the pictures from Friday.

Today is a dreary and rainy Monday, it seems almost a lifetime away from last Friday when I took these beautiful and sunny photos. I realized that it had been a while since I had done a photo diary or an equine study, which is a real shame because my horse is one of my favorite things. I should be making a better effort to record all the things I love.

In some ways we’ve gotten carried away with recording instead of living in the moment, but if we fail to record at all, we’ll find ourselves stuck inside of a cold Monday like this and find ourselves wondering if the sun ever really did shine that bright. Now, I’m blowing it a bit out of proportion, these were taken three days ago, but before that my last horse photos posted on this blog were over a year ago. How many beautiful sunny days had I let slip by without recording?

Like everything, it’s about finding balance. Record the things you love without getting stuck living behind the camera. And look back at the good whenever you can.

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