Who is Anna? Where is Down South?


I haven’t written a post introducing myself in well over a year. Most my posts include little details about me, but few of them show the big picture. It’s a hard task, because there is a lot to me. Here are some lightning facts:

  • I started riding horses in third grade. I finally got my own at 14. I named him D’Artagnan. It’s pronounced Dar-tan-yon. It’s from The Three Musketeers.
  • I got bit by a horsefly and came down with Lyme Disease immediately after my college graduation. At least I didn’t have to drop out!
  • I majored in my learning disability! I’m super dyslexic and dysgraphic and I majored in English. As they say, if there’s a will there’s a way!
  • I barrel raced all through my childhood, but stopped when I got busy with college, I’m going to try to start again this spring. I’ve missed it.
  • I’m a writer a heart. I once thought that a Youtube channel would have better reach than this blog, the the truth is I’m not a graceful speaker. I’ve always loved words and spilling my thoughts the old fashion way.
  • I was bullied to attempted suicide in 8th grade and was diagnosed with bipolar at the age of 6, both of these things have to do with my love for exploring mental illness and restoring mental health.
  • I’m a Christian. I was raised one, but I lost my way in the teens, college brought me back to having a healthy relationship with God. I’ve been working hard to keep it since then.
  • I’m a Marketing Specialist at my day job. It’s my only job actually, it just happens to be during the day.
  • I write novels in my spare time. Mostly fantasy, but I dabble in everything. I have thought about trying to get one published, but I’m in no rush to pursue it.
  • I was raised in a very loving household and still aspire to be my mother when I’m older. I know that my parents are where all my morals come from, even as they’ve shifted and grown as I’ve gotten older.
  • Not to be a typical millennial but I met the love of my life on Tinder when I was 23. He had Lyme too, oddly enough. His is in remission though.
  • I was born, raised, and educated in North Carolina. I’ve traveled a fair bit, but it hasn’t changed the fact that this is home. I always end up wanted to come back.

I think that’s enough to a least get a better grip on who is behind this blog. The Anna to the Down South. Tell me a little about yourself in the comments! I’d like to know you too.

9 thoughts on “Who is Anna? Where is Down South?

  1. Sheila Moss says:

    Nice to know you, Anna. I’m an old lady who used to write humor but write only “to do” lists and snarky comments since retiring my column. Actually, I just came back from Europe and have been writing about that lately when myyyyy keys do not stick from the juice I spilled on ttthe keyyyyyyyyyyyboard. Mostly old people only talk about their arthritis, latest surgery, and the obituaries, so I won’t say any more. Do not ever get old. I do not recommend it.

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  2. live_a_life_less_ordinary says:

    I’m Dennis. I’m from northern California, just outside Sacramento. (Before you ask, everything has smelled like smoke for the last week, but the nearest fire is 100 miles from me so I’m in no imminent danger.) I grew up in a household where everything revolved around sports, but my brother got all the actual talent and ability to follow entire leagues of players. I still enjoy watching games, though, particularly San Francisco Giants baseball, Sacramento Kings basketball, and the teams at the university I attended. I didn’t really have a lot of friends until my late teens. I’ve been a practicing Christian since age 19. I’m now in my early 40s. I never married and I have no children. I have a fair collection of retro video games from the 80s and 90s, and I have retro gaming themed parties where I invite friends over and we play old games and listen to 80s and 90s music until well after midnight. (The latest one of these parties ever lasted was the time I went to bed at 4:45am, but my roommate at the time and two guests stayed up playing Mario Kart for another hour). I teach middle school. I didn’t always want to be a teacher, but I didn’t have any other specific careers in mind. I occasionally write fiction in addition to my blog, and I have a series of crudely animated short films. And it’s really late and I’m tired. Good night!


    • annadownsouth says:

      First of all, I’m glad you’re safe from the fire. I have a cousin doing an internship in Malibu and she is currently waiting to see if she can go back and finish it or whether she has to head home. I grew up in a sports house too, but only with college basketball. UNC to be exact. The games sound like a lot of fun. I’ve always been more of a social media person than a gamer, but I loved playing them when I was a kid, which would have been in the 90s! Thank you for sharing all this! I still have your story which is on my list, unfortunately
      a lot has been on my list lately.

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      • live_a_life_less_ordinary says:

        Wow… yeah, that must be hard… it’s the other fire that’s affecting this area, the one in Butte County. Malibu is about 400 miles south of me. Still, scary not knowing what’s going to happen. I hope your cousin is ok. A lot of schools around here have been closed for several days because of the smoke, and the school where I work finally closed starting today. It’s supposed to rain this week, so that should help.

        My brother lives and breathes basketball… he always liked UNC as a kid, because they were always so good (but he liked a lot of teams back then… haha). Justin Jackson of the Sacramento Kings was a Tar Heel a few years ago when they won the national championship, if I remember right.

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      • annadownsouth says:

        Sorry, my notifications haven’t been showing up for some reason! But my cousin is safe and sound and just a few days ago got to go back to her apartment which was luckily spared.

        Justin Jackson was a tar heel and I do think we won a championship with him on the team!


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