It’s Mrs. Smith now.

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Hello! Sorry for the time off, I was a little busy getting married and going on my honeymoon. It was a busy week before the wedding, we had a house guest and we had a lot of prep work to do. But despite any stress leading up to the event the wedding itself was perfect. It was everything I could have ever imagined. My only complaint is that it went by too fast! I wish I could go back and relive it.

Marriage is a big life event, it’s one I’ve been waiting and praying for. I have responsibility for more than myself now. I am two parts of a whole and I am 100% in. There is no half-assing anything at this point. I’m excited to go on this adventure with Chris and I’m excited to take on the world with him at my side. It feels exactly like it’s supposed to. Or at least, how I imagine it is supposed to. It’s hard to say for sure, I’ve never been married before and I’ll never be married again.

I’ve been trying to use this as a point to build off of. Obviously it’s a big union for us and I feel like it shouldn’t be just an exciting footnote but the beginning of a whole chapter. It’s not a clean slate, we had already bought a house together, so some of it feels like falling back into the routine, but I want to help make it better than before. I was a good girlfriend, but I want to be a even better wife. I also am always working on that uphill battle of becoming a better person by myself, and now that gets to play into something bigger as well. That’s exciting for me.

I always feel pressure from new chapters, even if the past chapter has perfectly lead up to the turning of the page. It’s not scary really, but it’s a little intimidating. Do I have everything I need? I guess I’ll find out and manage along the way, especially now that I have the most wonderful man to lend a hand.

So here’s to new chapters and improvement, whether for yourself or for the ones you love most.

4 thoughts on “It’s Mrs. Smith now.

  1. Chelsea says:

    Congratulations (if I hadn’t said so previously)! I have also not been married, but from being around friends’ marriages, not looking at your wedding day as the high point is always a good start. Because if that one day (that goes by so fast) is the high point–is marriage all downhill? You seem to be very self-reflective and optimistic, great characteristics to seek improvement and well-being with a partner. Enjoy married life!

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