Bald Head Island Photo Diary:


Chris and I went to Bald Head Island for our Honeymoon. It’s an island I’ve really grown to love over the years. I went first as a child when, at the time, a family friend had a house there. I then went again for a photography course in college. We went then in the middle of the winter. It still held my heart. So when we were looking at places to go on our honeymoon I couldn’t help but suggest it.


It’s a beautiful island off the coast of North Carolina. It makes me love my home state even more than I already did. Something about having the mountains in one direction and the beach in the other is truly beautiful.


I think it can go without saying that we had a lovely time on our honeymoon, surrounded by beautiful sights. I have a lot of personal pictures of us at well, but I thought I would just share the view  with y’all, because it was certainly worth seeing.


4 thoughts on “Bald Head Island Photo Diary:

  1. live_a_life_less_ordinary says:

    “Something about having the mountains in one direction and the beach in the other is truly beautiful.”

    Considering how messed up California is these days, I think what you say here is my favorite thing about California. When I was thinking about moving far away in 2005, I said this, and added that this is also true of your part of the country. (I was thinking Virginia specifically, because I’d spent time there and I know people there, but the same applies to North Carolina.)

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