Dealing with the inbetween.


You know that feeling when you’re waiting on things to pass? Whether you’re waiting for a big career move to shake out or waiting for a doctors appointment these little moments of waiting seem to take over a big part of our lives. Sometime, it can even feel like we’re always in a stage of waiting.

It’s easy to say not to focus on it, and in someways that’s very good advice. Distract yourself, work on other projects. Pour your time into making sure you are the best you can be when whatever event roles around. There is a ton you can do to get past the wait, to move forward and not let time be completely in control of your life. And I absolutely think people should focus on doing just that.

But there is sometimes when the wait is hovering over you like a storm cloud and it’s harder to shake, even when you are pouring yourself into other things, even when you are focusing on improving and moving forward. Sometimes it’s just that dark out while you wait to be let in.

I get it. I’m even there with you.

But what is there to do? How do you learn to enjoy the inbetween?

I think the first step is realizing that it’s just as active a step as any step in life. You might feel like you’re waiting but you’re waiting so the God can get everything in order. The pieces, whether you see them or not, are falling together. If you were to jump start the action and rush it, chances are it wouldn’t turn out well. And if it’s already bad things you’re waiting for? They can always get worse.

Whether you believe in a higher power or not isn’t actually the point, though it does tend to make this concept easier to swallow. The idea is an old one, that works with any religion: it’s all about the timing and rushing things never turns out good for anyone. The world isn’t at a standstill, no matter how it feels to you or me. If you notice that everyone else’s lives are moving right along it means yours is too, whether or not it’s moving just like your friends. Our timeline, our ideas, are just poorly formed dreams. There is a lot coming that we don’t know and those things have to be accounted for in our lives whether we’re able to or not. God’s on top of it. The lines of fate are already getting ready to cross. The universe already knows where it is going.

Have I said it in enough ways to be friendly to everyone?

Life is unfolding and even when we are sitting there waiting it is continuing to unfold around us. You might not feel actively involved but you are! And realizing that comes with a lot of relief. It makes it easier to use this time to work on other things, or even to get our thoughts clear to handle whatever might be coming.

The inbetween is not a wasteland. Things are still growing around you. Take time to take them in.

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