“I’m starting first thing tomorrow. Today has already been lost.”


I’ve written a lot about habits and goals and getting out of ruts lately. It’s because I’ve been in a few of them. My life is going really well, but there are minor aspects of it need to be ignited again. Hobbies need to be restarted. Diets need to be started. Friends need to be reached out to.

But I’m having problems jump starting it because I, like a lot of people, want to start tomorrow. Tomorrow normally doesn’t come, or if it does, I make a mistake and then announce that I might as well start the next day and not count today, because, who wants to start with a failure?

Already ate a doughnut? We’ve ruined the diet we might as well eat poorly the rest of the day and start clean tomorrow. Already procrastinated past your scheduled work time? Might as well just try again tomorrow, no reason to start late. Ran out of time in your week to see friends, might as well wait till next week instead of reaching out. It’s constant. Tomorrow is always better even when we said it yesterday. It’s a cycle and one we honestly don’t want to break because it’s hard to break and we don’t want to put in the work.

But the truth is eating one doughnut is better than eating two doughnuts and a piece of cake. It’s better to get an hour of writing in rather than two. It’s better to have a brief text conversation with a friend than not to talk to them at all.

Today, is always, better than tomorrow. Even if we’ve already messed up the day. Even if it feels like we’re starting the day off with failure. We’re not, we’re ending the day with success, and that’s really how you have to look at it.  Success isn’t just a long term thing, it’s something we have to strive for daily and find in the little wins.

And we both know that tomorrow might have the same problems as today. It won’t be easier tomorrow no matter how much you tell yourself it will be. So buckled down and start the process. Get the ball moving. Improve. Change. Become better.

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