Creating goals for 2020 and reflecting on those from 2019:


First, let’s look back at my goals for 2019. I got about half of them, and the ones not finished were about half done. I don’t know whether to consider that a success or not, but progress is progress and I had a really busy year, so it’s remarkable I got any of it done. Let’s break them down:

  • Plan a wonderful wedding fit for my upcoming marriage: I did it! And it was fabulous. It was honestly the best night of my life. You can see some pictures from it here.
  • More time of hobbies, less time online: Eh. Okay, so I spent less time online but it was because I was spending more time hanging out with friends (yay) and doing daily tasks that increased when I moved out and got married. I did spend time on hobbies, but I don’t know if I did more than in 2018, so I will call this one a half win.
  • Start barrel racing again: Things got really busy in the spring season, so I didn’t start going to races again, but I took all the necessary steps to start next season. I’ve been taking lessons and we’ve finally purchased a horse trailer.
  • Read more than 20 books: Check. I’ve read over forty books year, so I’d say I went above an beyond on this one. Audio books have drastically altered my reading progress, though I still love those paper books!
  • Buy a house: We did it! It’s beautiful and it feels like home. I’m so proud of it. We’ve gotten it all decorated and I’m so excited to come home to it at the end of the day!
  • Send birthday cards to everyone: I started out the year strong and I got birthday cards to people I saw in person. As for the rest… well I got all my wedding thank you notes out? That counts for something, right?
  • Pray more: I’m doing much better at this then I was at the start of the year, though I still have room for improvement.
  • Finish a novel: I didn’t, but I have been making progress on one after months of not writing at all. It feels good to break my writers block.

Now as for the coming year?

  • Get back into photography: I don’t want to talk about how long it’s been since I picked up my nice camera. It’s been sitting in it’s fancy camera bag thinking it’s retired and I hate that. I want to spend more time with it.
  • Refocus on budgeting: My savings account obviously got a little drained with the house down payment and what not. It was all expected and none of it was blown, but I’d like to build it back up. I’d also like to focus on ways to save money and how much I’m spending where. A very adult goal, but a good one indeed.
  • Journal more: I used to journal all the time in college. A big part of that is I’d do it during class when things got slow. Obviously I don’t do that during work so I’ve dropped the amount I’m writing a whole lot. It’s a good way to work through your emotions and I love to read through them after the fact.
  • Become a better cook/baker: This year I made bread for the first time, it was just this month and I was really excited about it. I’ve been trying more and more recipes lately and I hope to become a better cook and baker. I know how to cook, in theory. I’m not a stranger to the kitchen, but I haven’t had a ton of practice, because when I was in school I was on a meal plan and when I was with my parents my mom was the main cook. So it’s time work on “practice makes perfect”.
  • Read more than fifty books: That’s a big jump from last year, but seeing how I flew past my goal I think it’s reasonable!
  • Lose weight: I know, how typical. I try to keep these kind of goals off my list, but I’m down to one pair of pants that fit and I will not buy a whole new wardrobe. So, lets reverse all this post honeymoon weight, shall we?

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