Expanding horizons: On Friendships built on Differences


Have you ever met someone that you have nothing in common with and it bloom into a friendship? It’s an interesting situation, and I mean that in the best way, these people can help you grow and widen your horizons, but they can also just be interesting people to discuss things with.

I think we’ve lost a lot of the art of being friends with different people. We like to surround ourselves with replications of ourselves. We like to know what kind of advice we’re going to get. We like to do our hobbies with other people who like our hobbies. Even if we don’t mean them to be, our friends tend to be very similar to each other. But they don’t need to be, we can have friends from all walks of life with all sorts of different hobbies and ideals. We might not get the joy of hearing our opinions spoken back to us, but we can learn about different ideas and we can fall in love with different activities, or types of music, or books.

We grow when we’re introduced to new and exciting things, but we also are mammals completely dependent on having support systems and being loved. We can find that love in company with all sorts of people.

Because despite what it feels like on the internet, our conversations with people different than us don’t have to be built of debates, we don’t have to argue our ideas. We can simply chat, enjoy a cup of coffee, and have good company. Not everything in our life has to be focused on differences, we can focus instead on finding that strange common ground that even people with nothing in common have.We’re all built of the same emotions, you can sit down with anyone and find things to discuss. I suggest you try it. It will open new worlds to you.

Not only may it introduce you to things that you yourself might end up loving, but it will make you a more empathetic and well rounded person. This is how people grow, both on a personal level and on a group level. Find people and devote time to them.

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