Realigning your goals in the wake of everything:



The world has shut down, so maybe some of your goals have been moved to the back burner, after all, how are you supposed to have monthly goals when you can’t even tell me what day of the week it is?

Life happens, and it happens without our permission. We don’t have a say in the matter but we do have a say in how we react and how we adjust. I said in a previous post that I think both the “rise and grind” tactic and the “panic and do nothing” tactic aren’t healthy in this pandemic, and I stand by that. You shouldn’t be trying to be the next big thing, you should be focusing on small amounts of progress so you don’t fall behind and you should add on goals that are made just with your mental health in mind and nothing else.

Maybe that looks like getting work done for “x” amount of time, then making yourself take the dogs for a walk instead of continuing to work or sinking into the couch to watch TV. Maybe it looks like video calling with a friend and focusing on others so you don’t get too wrapped up in what’s going on with you. Maybe your goals need to shift to worrying about how to help other people so you don’t spiral.

There are many ways to go about creating healthy goals in a time of stress, but I think it’s important that we don’t just ignore that the pandemic is happening. Nobody else is carrying on as usual so we can’t do the same. That doesn’t mean you need to spend your days being as up to date on the latest stats and panic yourself, but it does mean you need to give yourself and others some slack while picking up habits completely suited to our times and nothing else.


4 thoughts on “Realigning your goals in the wake of everything:

  1. PNW Country Girl says:

    I told myself at the start of this that my latest challenge was going to be creating healthy habits and then creating a process or system for when we go back to the “real world” of how I was going to keep those healthy habits. I have a tendency of being a workaholic so getting to step aside and work on a process or systems that will help me be more in tune with my surroundings, being outdoors, and staying healthy is a great opportunity that I wouldn’t have had otherwise!

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    • annadownsouth says:

      Sorry that I’m just now seeing this! I missed a few notifications. I hope you are still making the best of it if at home and if back at work I hope you were able to carry some of those good habits over!

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