The balance in romantic relationships:


I was having problems getting a new hard drive that my laptop warranty afforded me. They said it would be to me in two days. Three weeks later and three calls later it had been returned to the warehouse according to the tracker but not according to the company that sent it to me. I was beyond frustrated so I handed it over to my husband, who made one very stern and angry phone call and it was on my porch the next day. Magic! But also one of the reasons we work so well together.

He picks up on the areas I lack and I pick up on areas he lacks. I’ve talked about how all good relationships are partnerships, but it goes beyond that. It’s about finding a partner who can pick up were you let down. It’s magic when you can find someone who helps make your household more rounded. I’m not saying it should be your only goal in love, obviously there are a ton of factors that come into play when it comes to falling in love and getting married, but there is something to say about the dynamics between male and female, ying and yang, critical thinker and creative thinker.

Of course it’s not all that cut and dry. Some of the ying slips into the yang. It’s not about it being black and white, it’s about it being balanced. And a lot of times when I talk to people with very successful relationships I find that they have found that balance. They have figured out when to yield to their partner and when to take control based on their strengths.

No two people are going to be able to be completely complimentary, after all you want to have a fair amount in common. It’s not to say that you should fit together like two pieces of a puzzle, but is to say that it is worth looking at your relationship and figuring out if you can make it healthier, or even just a little more efficient, by giving each other projects or daily tasks based on your strength.

There is always such a thing as over analyzing, but if your solely focusing on strengths rather than weaknesses it can be a very healthy exercise for you and your loved one.

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