Make small changes, take big steps.

Do you know that people with dogs tend to be healthier than people without? Simply because most people walk their dogs, and that additional exercise a day boosts their physical health.

It makes you realize how big those little changes are. That twenty minute walk a day can change your health. So can changing one meal a day. You can change your mental health by spending more time in the sun or simply seeing a friend once a week. By setting a timer and cleaning for only 30 minutes a day, you can change the constant state of your house.

It’s amazing what these little changes make. I think we as humans like to think that our changes need to be grand and stately to make a difference in their life. We put things off because we know we often don’t have the time or the willpower for big changes. We say, oh I’ll start my diet tomorrow when I can eat well the whole day. Or we say that when our child is older we’ll start to get on top of the laundry.

We’re constantly waiting for willpower and time, but the fact is we don’t need much of either to start, and we can grow things a long the way. I’ve made a post in the past about practicing willpower, and this plays into that idea. We have to take a small step, just once, then maybe once more, than well, then we start to get on a roll.

So make the time for a small change, you might see a very, very big difference.

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