Why you should change the world on a small scale instead of trying to on a big scale.

We all like the idea of being that woman or man who changes the world, who goes down in history, or at least, we do a kids, when our dreams aren’t weighed down by the reality of everything. That kid like state often follows people through college, which is why I think college campuses are so activist centered. At that stage I think we part from wanting to be the one that goes down into history and instead want to be part of the group that goes down in history.

It’s a cool notion, but I don’t really think that’s the best way to change the world.

Trying to change things on the big scale doesn’t normally work like it should, and when it does work it’s only because their are a *ton* of people doing the same work on a smaller scale. Without changing daily habits and lives the big scale picture never comes together, because people either resent it or they fall back into their old habits.

If you want the world to be a more loving place, you need to address how you’re loving the people around you- no matter their race, religion, or class. If you want the world to be moral you first need to work on being more moral.

Things catch. I have friends who are much better people than me, and I think we all should, because when we’re around good people we strive to be better ourselves, so if you do a lot of work on you, the people around you might see the gains and want to do the same kind of work in their own lives.

These small scale victories are more important than the big scale ones, because they are what the big scale victories are made up of. So if you ever watch the news and feel like the world needs some reforming start with your life, start with yourself, then the people you love. Grow out, a small ripple makes a big wave.

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