OOTD: What You Wear when it’s 72 in December


(Jeans: Forever 21 // Boots: Kenneth Cole // Top: Banana Republic

Everyone around me is really bummed about this warm weather around Christmas but I’m in love. I hate the cold and always have, I dread winter, one of the many reasons I love the south. And while it was weird to get my Christmas tree in short sleeves I will say I love being able to walk around comfortably to look at the Christmas lights outside. (We have a little magnolia tree outside our house that I decorated and it looks so good I’ll have to do it next year as well.) Plus, it’s already really really rare for us to get a white Christmas, even if the weather had been colder we probably wouldn’t of had one, so nothing is lost.

And when it comes to dressing, I’ve always loved wearing tank tops with jeans and boots, but I hardly get to do it because the weather window is really small. So here we go. I should have brought more spring tops home.

A Riders Wish List

I often find myself looking through horse stuff that I can in no way afford. I think everyone can relate to that on a certain level, but when it comes to horse stuff things are so expensive that they don’t actually make it onto my Christmas wish list because I would never ask someone to spend that much money on me, my parents or otherwise. So I’ll continue lusting after the unattainable. Here’s whats in my dream shopping bag:

Untitled-1Ariat Denim Snap Shirt ($79.95)

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OOTD: Burning it in Burgundy


(Jeans: Express // Ballet Flats: Banana Republic // Top: Forever 21)

This was my winter concert wear this past weekend. I haven’t put on these jeans in a while because they say they’re a size two- which I’m not. Luckily I tried them on just for the hell of it. Turns out they run big. I feel like they’ll be great around Christmas. They’re colored for this season! Do you guys have anything fun planned? This year will be the first Christmas we’ve done without my sister here, so that’ll be strange.

The weathers been a little back and forth but with the amount of rain we’ve had and are planning to get I think that there’s a big possibility for a white Christmas. I’m not holding my breath, because in North Carolina they’re not all too common. We’ll see though! (and I’d rather snow than all this rain)

Everyday Favorites:

fall favorites

Hey all, my outfits have been a little all over the place lately because between ceramics class and going to the horse farm I haven’t really been dressing all that great. But I figured in my outfit posts I normally don’t highlight accessories.

I mentioned this watch in a post about my favorite jewelry– it’s still in my line up daily. I love it so much it’s worth bringing up twice. It’s a Daniel Wellington watch and even though it’s a women’s it still has a bigger face, which I love, and of course, it’s beautiful with it simplicity. I couldn’t find a knock off with the same look so I went for the big ticket item and let me tell you, it’s worth every penny. I wear silver jewelry so I went for that clock face and I live in a brown leather belt and brown leather boots, so the strap had to fit in as well. Here’s Daniel Wellington’s Site.

Lancome Midnight Rose has been my only signature scent… ever. I’m really picky wit h scents, not because I don’t like them (I love them) but because when it comes to wearing one you have to find one that you want to be associated with. You know how scent triggers memory? How you can pick out which one your grandmother wore years after she passed? If someone gets a whiff of this perfume a year or two from now and think “oh that smells like Anna, doesn’t it?” I would be trilled. I want this scent to be something that people match with me. My friends have learned that I’m picky about this and that if you’re buying me Bath and Body Works you best just stick with the candles. Linking a perfume feels silly because you can’t smell it but here’s a place to purchase it.

OOTD: Feelin’ the Fall


Jacket: Express // Dress: Forever 21 // Boots: Kenneth Cole // Necklace: (similar x – x)

Who even made up the rule about wearing white after labor day? I know that by now everyone has pushed against it. Winter whites are in. Yet somehow I still don’t see many people wearing white in fall. It’s such a good color, it’s only downfall being that spills show. But today I managed to keep it clean through eating nachos with a girlfriend (which is such a feat), so if I can manage that I’m sure you can manage whatever your day throws your way.

It’s been pretty quiet here, the weathers been rainy, and though I’ve been pretty busy with school somehow this year is just flying right on by. I don’t even know how we made it this far into the semester. All of a sudden I’m thinking about Christmas gifts? I haven’t even felt fall yet.

OOTD: Croissants in Paris or Homework in NC?


Top: H&M // Jeans: LOFT // Boots: Hunter ab

It’s really rare to see me in pants that aren’t navy or black- even though I live in jeans and colored jeans have been big over the past decade. With that being said, I found these last week and can’t get enough of them, because, well, they’re blue enough to look more traditional, and muted enough to not jump down your throat. I own a pair of maroon ones that I don’t wear too super often because I feel like they’re pretty loud (which I know they aren’t- I still haven’t figured out why I feel this way).

On a side note I own way to many striped tops. This one is from about five years ago- but details, details. I haven’t killed it just yet. The Hunters were a bargain of a lifetime and the best rain boots I’ve ever owned. They also have some clay on them in these pictures from my ceramics class I’m taking this semester. I didn’t notice that till I was cropping them. My bad!