Annapolis, Maryland


IMG_3301The charm of this city rivaled Charleston, South Carolina. In other words- it was as cute as a button. Riddled with cute shops and restaurants (and sparrow statues) Annapolis stole my heart. I know I went to Maryland with hopes of exploring Baltimore (which will be a later post) but I have to say Annapolis was better. If I were to live in a city I would want it to be a city like this.

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Mountain Love: Escape to Virginia


I spent New Years in Virginia- right outside of Hubbard -at my aunts house. While the farm was great (you’ve seen the pigs – their fb page is here) the views were out of this world too. Her house sits right on top of a mountain. We hiked a bit and I stood for a good thirty minutes on the back porch taking pictures of this sunset. I can understand the drive to be out there. It was all around peaceful and slow, and I can’t imagine a life completely like that, but boy do I hope I have it some day soon.

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Lexington BBQ festival


What’s better than a day spent with good country music, pork/pig themed everything, a huge bag of caramel kettle corn, and craft vendors? I can’t think of much- I’ll tell you that. My grandparents live in Lexington NC so I go to the BBQ festival every year. There’s a big free country concert and enough fair food to keep you happy for the day. Lexington’s a small town, but they’ve always known how to throw this one day fair. It brings in a huge crowd!


Craig Campbell & Granger Smith

Lauren Alaina IMG_2622

Dreaming: Fontana Lake

tumblr_ntcpa3rLop1qzb3obo1_500Mt. Trip 029tumblr_ntcqlaHugR1qzb3obo1_500 Mt. Trip 031 tumblr_ntctprw9Z21qzb3obo1_500Mt. Trip 107

One of my closest friends and I were a little fed up with this summer and made a last minute effort trying to resurrect it. With my neighboring offering up his mountain house we headed off to Fontana Lake in the mountains of North Carolina. Turns out they upped the age limit for boat driving, but we were more than happy going at it on the paddle boats.

Nothing is more detoxing than being surrounded by nature with no cell or web access. As much as I love this little corner of the web and my dear time on tumblr and instagram… fact be, it’s so important to get away from it all. We aren’t meant to live online all the time.

How to Display your Trinkets:

We all collect things from travels, thrift finds, and who knows what else. We’re sure we need them in our lives, but we realize while trying to put them up… they’re actually trinkets and not too terribly necessary. But they are memories, and we don’t want to lose them. So how do you go about displaying them together without it looking like a cluttered mess?



  • Play with height: If everything is eye level you get clutter, an easy way to keep from doing this if your stuff is all the same height is to use books or old full journal to stack your stuff up. It gives it interest, and you can put little things on the layers too, like my random stone and glass animals. Height gives your shelves a more thought out appearance and keeps the eyes from getting over whelmed.
  • Cluster: Don’t cluster by color unless you’re doing complimentary- when things are all the same color they get lost. Don’t cluster by size for this same reason. In fact, cluster the opposite of these things, and you can cluster by trip and our relevance to each other.
  • Glass it up: I love putting things in glasses! I have my sea shells from St. Martin in little martini glasses and Mardi Gras beads in a hurricane glass I got a drink in from Bourbon Street! It keeps all those little things contained and where you can see them!
  • Mix Materials: Don’t just layer glass and glass, mix wood, plastic, pottery, you name it, it gives it texture and interest!
  • Every Other: Mine are floating shelves so this isn’t usable in mine, but if you’re doing it on a bookshelf, use a shelf for books and then one for trinkets and then one for books, that way you get function out of things too and it doesn’t seem like your collecting souvenirs.