To the Ducklings:

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Spring has been here for a while now, and I’m still as excited about it as I was before the leaves had sprouted. To add to that excitement we have some babies running out and about. Sadly there are only two new goats at the farm this year, but I find myself stumbling upon new life anyways. Heck, there is even a new royal baby (not that ducklings compare to her). We don’t call spring a rebirth for nothing!

Rider Dairies: The Truth Behind my Passion

edit1editThere’s something about horses that I can’t describe to people who’ve had no interaction with these animals. You love them like you would a dog- I guess. Though it seems like much more, because they aren’t just your pet or your family. They’re your hobby, your sport, your pet, and then your family. It’s on a whole different level.

People always laugh about the crazy horse girl they knew in school, and I can tell you that I’m a crazy horse girl, but nothing like the one you knew in school. I don’t have posters of horses in my dorm. I don’t collect horse statues or horseshoe decor. I don’t even really own many items with horses printed on them, I have a shirt or two, perhaps.

But I am in love with this animal, with the art of riding. I’d rather be at the farm then the college party and I’d rather spend my money on horse medication then on new dresses. I’m in love, not obsessed, but that love is so much more powerful than obsession. These animals teach dedication, grace, hard work, patience, an active lifestyle, responsibility, propriety, and so much more. So yes, I’m a crazy horse girl- and yeah, I think you should be too.

The Turning & The Burning:

DSC_0664 DSC_0667 DSC_0670Barrel racing has always been a passion of mine. The wind ripping through your hair, the sideways motion of the horses body during turn, the red dirt plying, and clock ticking by the sixteen seconds. It’s an adrenaline rush, the sport that made your mother so nervous when you were younger, and it’s the absolute fluid movement that combines you and an animal you’d give up most in your world for.

The story of how I started racing isn’t that interesting, nor is the fact that I quit my first few years of college for studying. What is interesting is that my sport is one that is unknown to most the world, it’s a minor section of western horseback riding that most people who aren’t into horses have never even heard about. I get “you race horses? Like a jockey?” and I most certainly do not ride anything like a jockey.

This is off the topic of my normal posting, but I thought I’d give you an insight to an incredible world full of very kind hearted people. I thought, since this blog is titled Anna Down South, I might show some of my very southern hobbies. So here is a link that explains barrel racing, a sport that was originally created for bad ass women and bad ass women alone.

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Some of these you have to answer a trivia question. Even if you get it wrong food will still be donated. You can do this once a day. It’s free of charge, free. All you have to do is click a button. Bookmark it on your browser and keep it up. This is such an easy way to help.

Branches and Feathers

a1 a2I sat outside in the cold for a while today bird “hunting” with my zoom lens. Most of them were captured at the bird feeder, but I got a couple of good tree shots as well. Picking back up my camera has been really good for me, and I’m glad I started this blog to jump start that. I got drained of my love for it for about a year, because I was doing it for a class and I felt like it was a bit of a chore. The interesting thing is, though the class wore me out, now that I’ve picked back up the camera I can see how it has improved my skill set. Hobbies are like that though, you have to set them down every once in a while and keep falling back in love with them. So, take a break, but don’t leave it for good.

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