This Time During Freshman Year: Barcelona, Spain

I’ve been fortunate enough to travel a fair bit, much thanks to my aunt who lived in Switzerland for twelve years. And you know, once you’re in Europe most everything is just a train ride or short trip away. So over my winter break I hijacked my aunt, uncle, and cousins vacation and we headed off to Barcelona.
IMG_2415IMG_2413  Switzerland-Spain 052The city did not let me down. It was beautiful and very much so alive. Not only did I get to see some of the worlds most unique and interesting architecture (Sagrada Família, anyone?!) but I had a great time with family that I don’t get to see anymore. Let me tell you, the food was on point, getting used to the timing of Spanish dinners was a challenge but eating all the food put in front of me was not.
Switzerland-Spain 092 Switzerland-Spain 105 Switzerland-Spain 146We spent a lot of time shopping too, and I came home with a few interesting articles of clothing, but sadly nothing that screamed Spain! I did however get another charm for my charm bracelet. I’ve bee collecting them from all the places I’ve traveled and it’s starting to fill up. So, even though I was missing the unique products, I can back with a lot of amazing pictures and great memories. Did you know it’s tradition in Spain to try and shove twelve (huge) grapes in your mouth in the twelve seconds leading up to midnight on new years?  It’s supposed to bring you good luck if you succeed. I did, but I think I was lucky enough just to be in Spain.
Switzerland-Spain 149