OOTD: Croissants in Paris or Homework in NC?


Top: H&M // Jeans: LOFT // Boots: Hunter ab

It’s really rare to see me in pants that aren’t navy or black- even though I live in jeans and colored jeans have been big over the past decade. With that being said, I found these last week and can’t get enough of them, because, well, they’re blue enough to look more traditional, and muted enough to not jump down your throat. I own a pair of maroon ones that I don’t wear too super often because I feel like they’re pretty loud (which I know they aren’t- I still haven’t figured out why I feel this way).

On a side note I own way to many striped tops. This one is from about five years ago- but details, details. I haven’t killed it just yet. The Hunters were a bargain of a lifetime and the best rain boots I’ve ever owned. They also have some clay on them in these pictures from my ceramics class I’m taking this semester. I didn’t notice that till I was cropping them. My bad!

OOTD: Southern Heat

bc aTop: Francesca’s // Shorts: Levi // Sandals: Target // Earrings: Gift (similar)

I really wanted to do an outfit of the day with this shirt because it’s literally the most flattering top I own. Most tops shaped like this don’t work on me because I have a chest, this one however hung correctly, not too far out. I don’t normally have a ton of luck at Francesca’s but every now and then I really do. Normally I’m a walking advertisement for Loft, but it’s nice to mix it up some.

What store do you find make clothes for your body type? I feel like most stores do have a type of body they are cute for. Must be in the designers.

Fashion: Campus on the Rainy Days

IMG_1315 copy

Button Down: Target // Hunter Rainboots: Costco // Skater Skirt: Target

I know, the Hunter boots are from Costco! They were sized wrong and somehow filtered into one of the stores where my mom snatched up this pair for closer to $70 rather than the $120 and up range. It was one of those things that you just couldn’t have planned. They are a savior for rainy days on campus, even more so because the brick paths tend to collect puddles.

On the Topic of Beauty and Confidence:

bA question I get asked a lot is how I became so confident, and let me assure you before I go any farther, I have plenty of bad confidence days too. But despite the ever present pull of society’s standards I’ve realized that there is something more important, and those are my standards. Because, if we are being perfectly honest, society may tell us that parts of our bodies are prettier than others (which is a nice way of saying the “others” suck) but it’s us who really drive it in. When your walking down the sidewalk, the guy walking in the opposite direction, staring down at his phone, is not the one telling you that you don’t look pretty enough in your hoodie and messy top-knot, that’s all on you sweetie.

It’s not easy to accept, but our self confidence is not actually in society’s hands. I know plenty of girls who are over weight or have a nose that has been broken or acne prone skin, who own it. They decided they were beautiful and you can too. Because, yes it really is that simple. Is it easy? Hell no. But it is that simple.

It starts with you faking it. You know that old saying “fake it till you make it” well it’s true in more ways than not. When you look in the mirror you have to tell yourself “hot damn, you look good”. It’s easier to gravitate towards pointing out the giant zit on your chin than it is to fluffing your perfect hair, but we have to notice the things that look good first. The process starts with us just focusing on the things we like about ourselves. Once you master that you can move on to learning that the things you dislike aren’t that bad either.

Instead of saying compliments too ourselves that have “buts” in them, we need to start ignoring the bad things all together. That zit? Just. Don’t. Look. At. It. Ignore it, cover it up (or don’t!) and pull your eyes away every time you feel them wandering in the mirror. It might feel like tricking yourself at first, and that’s completely okay. The key is to keep it up long enough, because trust me that feeling fades. It turns into genuine love for yourself. And when you get there, you start realizing that you don’t need someone too compliment you to feel good about yourself, and when they do compliment you, you’ll take it to heart.

Society is always going to have someone thinner, clearer, and taller than you. The trick is to love yourself enough that you realize that their just that: Thinner than you, not prettier than you. With clearer skin than you, not prettier than you. Taller than you, not prettier than you.

Real Talk: Aerie’s Body Revolution

So, we all know, and have heard over and over, about the media over airbrushing, making everyone thinner, taking away creases when people are bent at the waist (for God’s sake!). And we know and have been told how bad this is for young girls, and to be honest, older girls as well. I’ve been playing the “just take it with a grain of salt” game. Were I just honestly, try to ignore how we view bodies while trying to accept my own.

Well, this has never been a topic that’s been something you can “support” but I think I finally found my way to financially feel like maybe I can help out a few girls self confidence. And it’s by dropping all sells I do through Victoria Secret and picking them all up over at Aerie. Aerie is a little bit cheaper, but all the quality is the same. Here’s why I think you should too:

American-Eagle-Aerie-Real-Beauty-Campaign article-2541364-1ABF5C9B00000578-471_634x416enhanced-buzz-2816-1390326894-11bra-guide1-600x394All images off of Aerie.