Anna Down South: Some Updates


I got rid of my premium WordPress account, so if you notice an ad or two on this site, I’m sorry. I couldn’t justify spending money on it at this point, with the new house and the wedding coming up, so when it came up for renewal I let it pass.

I love this corner of the internet. I use it to talk about my thoughts and feelings, and as much as I hope it helps you, I know I do it mainly for myself. I enjoy the outlet. My whole life I’ve struggled to put my feelings and views into words when speaking, but I’ve never had that problem while writing. It’s why this dyslexic girl majored in English despite it being tougher than normal. Writing is just part of who I am, it’s how I process most everything, and reading back on my past posts here has made me realize how our lessons often need to be learned again and again. They just don’t take quite like they should.

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Slowing Monday’s Down:

newIMG_0317IMG_0309Today is one of those lazy days. It started with an early lunch with a friend and now is reducing to web surfing and reading. I thought I’d do a quick “what this blog is for” now that I have reached my month birthday. This blog is to celebrate the complexity which is ourselves and the simplicity of the life we can live. To be honest this blog was started so I could have a place to rejoice in the beauty that is around me at all time, and take joy in the small moments, as well as the large. Sometimes it seems silly, because there are so many blogs out there, but I figured even if no one read it it would be a nice place to combine my love for writing and photography. So please, introduce yourself below, and lets chat. I’d love to get to know some of ya’ll!