OOTD: What You Wear when it’s 72 in December


(Jeans: Forever 21 // Boots: Kenneth Cole // Top: Banana Republic

Everyone around me is really bummed about this warm weather around Christmas but I’m in love. I hate the cold and always have, I dread winter, one of the many reasons I love the south. And while it was weird to get my Christmas tree in short sleeves I will say I love being able to walk around comfortably to look at the Christmas lights outside. (We have a little magnolia tree outside our house that I decorated and it looks so good I’ll have to do it next year as well.) Plus, it’s already really really rare for us to get a white Christmas, even if the weather had been colder we probably wouldn’t of had one, so nothing is lost.

And when it comes to dressing, I’ve always loved wearing tank tops with jeans and boots, but I hardly get to do it because the weather window is really small. So here we go. I should have brought more spring tops home.

OOTD: I Showed Up in Boots

IMG_1614IMG_16131Shirt: LOFT // Shorts: American Eagle // Boots: Dan Post

Title as in the Garth Brooks song, “Blame it All on my Roots, I Showed up in Boots.” If there was ever an appropriate time to use that title I figured it involved my favorite cowboy boots – which are also the only shoes I own that cost more than $100. That’s standard for real working cowboy boots. But they’ll last me for as long as the insoles can last- then you replace them and keep wearing the boots. The ones I wear to the farm I wear every other day in tough conditions and they last for a very long time.

That’s one reason I say that if you want a pair of cowboy boots, it’s worth buying a real brand that people use to ride and work the farm in. They make really beautiful ones with that purpose!

Fall Fashion Recap


The real question isn’t whether or not I dress right for the weather, it’s whether or not I’m ever seen out of boots and jeans when it’s a little colder out. The answer to that question is 90% no. I’m a denim lover from the bottom of my heart. Most my jeans are American Eagle, because, well, I found that they fit my body type in 8th grade and stuck with them. Boots? I’m a sucker for Madden Girl, that’s where my booties are from. My riding boots are years and years old and need to be replaced, but they are from the Coconut brand. Black boots are from Target, because who doesn’t love cheap and cute shoes?! Now, I should put a disclaimer that these photos were taken last fall (and damn was my hair short) because we didn’t have fall weather this year! We went straight from summer to winter in North Carolina, but as everyone winds down their fall favorites I thought I should too, because anyways, all of these things are still worn on the regular (besides the stripped Forever 21 shirt that I ripped). In fact, I think I wear my Express leather jacket every other day. (and they still sell it and its 40% OFF TODAY)

Someone asked me to explain my fashion style the other day and I didn’t know what to tell them.

  • I’m a minimalist who likes jewel tones more than naturals.
  • I’m a oxford/southern prep who hates loud patterns.
  • I like classic cuts and to be comfy.
  • I live in denim, it’s in my cowgirl blood.
  • I would wear leather boots every day if it was cold year round.