How to have a Minimalist Wardrobe without having to Commit to a Capsule Wardrobe:


Remember this outfit of the day? It was a staple all last fall and I’m excited to wear it again. I’m trying to buy less this fall, and winter, and next spring. Why? Because I want a more minimal wardrobe.

I know capsule wardrobes are all the rage over the blogging world right now, but to be honest, I’m not that committed. ¬†And when I see something I really really want, I don’t think I should have to throw out another shirt I also really want. I don’t think we can set limits on how many articles of clothing we should have, especially these extreme ones that say 10 items per season. They wouldn’t like my sweater drawer at all.

I understand the drive though, to live a simpler life, less materialistic drives, and have a more defined style. It makes sense, but there are ways you can do this without going to capsule wardrobe. Here are my tips to do just that: Continue reading

Minimalism for us Non-Minimalists:

twigs 015.JPG

If you’re anything like me you love the idea of minimalism, but the practice… it’s a little too much! Or- uh- not enough. I’m the farthest thing form a hoarder, all the stuff I have I do use, but the thing is, I use a lot of things. You don’t see me moving into a tiny house anytime soon, or selling everything and moving down to a fifteen piece capsule wardrobe. It’s interesting, it’s cool, but I’m not committed. So what do I recommend for people like me?

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