Charleston Market:


Oh me oh my. This was perhaps my favorite part since I could afford the market but not the higher end stores! I didn’t exactly buy anything from either, but it’s much more enjoyable to look at things that you could buy if you truly wanted too. Sadly most of the artwork I couldn’t take pictures of for legal reasons, but I was able to take a few. There were a ton of amazing art prints, but as for unique art the butterflies below were my favorite! The baskets at the end were all made of sea grass and the women at the stands were even making a few as we passed by. Definitely a must see while in Charleston. IMG_1560 IMG_1555IMG_1558IMG_1561

Charleston South Carolina: Sea Breeze and Southern Charm

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My sister’s bachelorette weekend took place in Charleston, and though it’s only a state away, I’ve never been before! We spent a ton of time on the beach, but it was the city that stole my heart (which if you know me well you know is not normally the case!). The charm is undeniable, and it was everything it was talked up to be. Good food, good shopping, horses, and beautiful houses (worth more than I’ll make in my life). I wish I had been there for longer to really explore everything it has to offer, and I’ll tell you, I will be back! For now let me share some of my favorite shots, none of them being of the buildings you normally see of Rainbow Row and the Battery. There was much more to see than that!