OOTD: My Sisters Rehearsal Dinner

IMG_1701 a IMG_1704 a' IMG_1707I’ve been missing in action this weekend because it’s my been my sisters wedding weekend! I was the maid of honor, and I might post some wedding pictures once we get them, but here are just some quick outfit/hair shots from before we headed to the rehearsal dinner. My hair took about an hour at the hair dresser, and as we took it down I counted, 46 bobby pins and a hair tie. It’s my favorite thing we’ve ever done to my hair though, and wow it even stayed still during dancing!

The dress is from Belks.

Outfit of the Day: Teals, Keys, & Cherry Coke

IMG_1548imSome high(er) waisted shorts along with a plain T-shirt. Actually the most expensive thing I’m wearing is the necklace, the rest is Forever 21. I really like their basics even though some of their other stuff is a little much for me. When it comes to my sense of style I’m pretty much a minimalist with a little extra color added. Simple lines are best.

I wore this to Food Lion, and in the parking lot my 12 pack of Cherry Coke Zero busted open and they rolled everywhere, under cars, down the hill- so I go to pick them up- when I do so my purse flips and dumps it’s contents. I could have screamed. I’m sure it’s a funny story though, so I thought I’d tell it for laughs. There was a nice woman who helped me out. I hope she got some serious good karma.

Fashion: Campus on the Rainy Days

IMG_1315 copy

Button Down: Target // Hunter Rainboots: Costco // Skater Skirt: Target

I know, the Hunter boots are from Costco! They were sized wrong and somehow filtered into one of the stores where my mom snatched up this pair for closer to $70 rather than the $120 and up range. It was one of those things that you just couldn’t have planned. They are a savior for rainy days on campus, even more so because the brick paths tend to collect puddles.

That Chambray Shirt:


Jacket: Express // Boots: Kenneth Cole // Jeans: American Eagle // Top: Gap

Today was one of those great days were you don’t even sit down till late in the day because your so busy enjoying yourself. I spent the day bargain hunting at the shopping center with a good friend before heading off to lunch with her. Long talks, good food, and a new dress? What could go wrong? I came home and knocked out a few chores. Now I’m settling down for a little bit and relaxing. How was your day? An adventures take place?


Best Boot Forward

IMG_0460Shirt: Ann Taylor Loft // Leggings: Victoria Secret // Boots: Kenneth Cole

I think every girl should go through an epiphany that they do in fact look decent with their hair pulled back. I swear, I didn’t have mine till last semester. Hair, make up, clothing, they all fall under things that we can switch up. I have a lot of friends who went through a really heavy make up stage, and nothing is wrong with that, as long as you’re aware that you’re beautiful with and without it. Clothing isn’t something that should be stressed about, brands are nice but they don’t need to be exclusive. Clothing should be worn because it makes you feel good about yourself, no other reason.

Outfit of the Day: Soft Blurs and Mixed Materials

Untitled-6I’ve felt my style slowly transition to a more classic cut/minimalist one. I’ve never been huge on patterns, but I like some contrast for my outfit, these boots are actually English riding boots, but I wear them everyday. I’ll leave my cowboy boots for the farm. The brown detailing on both the boots and the camera bag capture my heart. I honestly would own all leather products if I could afford them, but alas I cannot. So I stick for leather detailing.

Fall Fashion Recap


The real question isn’t whether or not I dress right for the weather, it’s whether or not I’m ever seen out of boots and jeans when it’s a little colder out. The answer to that question is 90% no. I’m a denim lover from the bottom of my heart. Most my jeans are American Eagle, because, well, I found that they fit my body type in 8th grade and stuck with them. Boots? I’m a sucker for Madden Girl, that’s where my booties are from. My riding boots are years and years old and need to be replaced, but they are from the Coconut brand. Black boots are from Target, because who doesn’t love cheap and cute shoes?! Now, I should put a disclaimer that these photos were taken last fall (and damn was my hair short) because we didn’t have fall weather this year! We went straight from summer to winter in North Carolina, but as everyone winds down their fall favorites I thought I should too, because anyways, all of these things are still worn on the regular (besides the stripped Forever 21 shirt that I ripped). In fact, I think I wear my Express leather jacket every other day. (and they still sell it and its 40% OFF TODAY)

Someone asked me to explain my fashion style the other day and I didn’t know what to tell them.

  • I’m a minimalist who likes jewel tones more than naturals.
  • I’m a oxford/southern prep who hates loud patterns.
  • I like classic cuts and to be comfy.
  • I live in denim, it’s in my cowgirl blood.
  • I would wear leather boots every day if it was cold year round.