Learning: You’re Not Done Yet


I hear “when I’m done” a lot as a college student. Everyone’s excited for classes to end, for papers to stop being due. But recently I’ve realized how many of these students surrounding me really mean that they won’t be picking up more skills other than the ones taught in their trade. They count on the same hobbies, the same amount of knowledge, for as long as they possibly can.

It’s been said that 42% of college graduates don’t pick up another book after they finish school. (x) That’s nearly half! And I know that books aren’t the only way to deliver knowledge, but this gives you a base idea. We as a culture say “when I’m done getting my education” as if there is ever a time we stop learning.

I don’t know about you, but there is so much I never got the chance to learn about. Am I going to read books on it? Yes. Am I going to take lessons to learn piano or pottery or something new and exciting just because I can? Of course.

If we stop learning we stop growing, we become less cultured and we become more biased. We can’t make correct choices and then we complain about the situation as if we didn’t help create it. The situation can be something political or it could be the fact that it’s a Saturday afternoon and you’re bored out of your mind and your old hobbies don’t interest you anymore.

Wise up world, you’ve still got a lot of learning to do.

How to Blog in College:


Can we agree that most of our favorite bloggers blog from studios or gorgeously lit houses that always seem to be cleaned and decorated professionally? It leaves us beginners, a little out of luck when it comes to settings am I right? Even more so for us… college students in student housing. You know, with cinder block walls that are more yellow than white. Ugly fake wood furniture. It’s an unfortunate setting to say the least. Then it comes to money. We’re college kids. We don’t have any! What about how often we post? Do we do it around class schedules?

It’s hard to begin in a setting like this. So how do you deal?

  • Learn how to color adjust in a photo editing program. If you end up taking photos in a dorm room you’ll need to get rid of that yellow shade from the bad walls and horrible lighting.
  • Get something with a good background for product shooting. Sometimes it can be as easy as a white piece of poster board. If you want to get fancy, buy a piece of plywood and stain it, or chalkboard paint something!
  • Get outside, not just for your photos sake, but also because in college money is tight and we need to have those adventures without that kind of money. Nature is free. Go explore. Capture good pictures. Create a adventure worth talking about.
  • Buy a good tripod. Yeah, I know I just said we don’t have money. But if you’re taking your own pictures and want to be in them, this will make all the difference.
  • Post at least twice a week. Write it down in your planner. Treat the posting time like a due date, but be sure to have fun with it while doing it. It’s discipline not homework.
  • Talk about it! Hey there are a lot of people reading blogs in college. Everyone wants to hear about people who are in the same place in life they are.


62.5% Done.


Outfit Details: Target. Target for everything.

We are now on the third week back on campus. My courses this semester don’t seem too bad. Last semester was pretty relaxed, but I’m surprised sophomore year didn’t kill me. I suppose I need a nice little break before senior year comes through with it’s 300 and 400 hundred level classes. Though, break is a loose term. I’ve been super busy these past few weeks. I’ve been running around with some great friends, and though there isn’t more of them than last semester, it sure feels like it. It’s been great though. I’ve really built an incredible network around me these past two years. I’m a little scared about two of my closest friends graduating this spring, but, I guess everything will work out. I’m going to make a guide soon about surviving college and making the most of your time, because it is definitely something learned not given.


Little Joys: On Insta This Week

Untitled-2It’s been a very busy first week of the semester. I’ve got less college in front of me than behind me. It’s a little crazy to think that I’m halfway through my junior year. I feel like sophomore year didn’t happen at all. There’s been a lot of socializing this week, so much time spent catching up that the pictures were nonexistence. So, this week looks a lot less exciting than it actually was. What’s pictured is important though. Lots of time with my little boy, one of the sweetest letters that has ever been written to me (exploring friendship and love), and my blog by the fire, because well, I’ve neglected it a little bit this week. It was just a choice to socialize with people I hadn’t seen in a month or blog, so the loved ones in my life won out this time. I promise I’m not going anywhere though! I’ve got a few more posts this week!

How to Survive Finals:


Finals are hard for everyone in college, go ahead, just ask us. We thought mid-terms were bad in high school, but they just get worse, don’t they? Well, the week is going to be stressful, there is no way around that. It’s just how it works, but there are a few ways to make them a little more, well, survivable.

  • Know your sleep schedule: We all know you won’t be getting as much as you need, but still, it’s important to know when you’re at your best. Would it be better for you to stay up into the darkest hours of the night, or should you hit the hay early and wake up at 6am. It’s up to you, and at night, sleep normally seems like the best option, but if you know you hot snooze for three hours, just don’t do it.
  • Highlight your notes: I actually do this while I’m taking them, but it’s helpful. Once you’re given your study guide, go through your notes and high light everything that’s on it. This way you can be sure not to waste your time with anything that isn’t.
  • Flag your pages: Page flags, you know what I mean, those little sticky note tags. Tag everything that is relevant to your essays or exams. Read a quote that explains the topic perfectly. Page flag it and keep studying. You can no return to it without the struggle to quote the hell out of it.
  • Wake up fully: Don’t try to study while sleepy, tired, sure, but make sure there is no way for you to doze off. Get up, pump the music (in your headphones, be respectful kids) and dance your ass of for a couple of minutes, get going splash cold water on you face, then get to work.
  • Make flashcards: It seems like such a irreverent tip, everyone makes flashcards right? Well, its one of the few ways I can memorize things, and they are so nice in the fact that you can take them with you when you study. Want to work out to relieve stress? Flash cards on the bike machine. It sounds strange, but I’ve done it so many times.
  • Do find a stress release: I just said mine is working out, but I also need a little bit of time outside, even if it just means a walk around campus for ten minutes. Rewind, dance around, take a shower, but don’t: get on tumblr, pintrest, or other sites like that. Unless you have an hour or so break just don’t do it for a ten minute relaxer, you’ll get sucked in, for sure.
  • Make a to do list: I don’t care if it’s all in your planner. Make a to do list, make it detailed, check off item by item. Even if you already have the times meorized, it gives you a better idea of how much or how little you have to do, and lets face it, nothing is more rewarding than checking off those little boxes or bullets.