OOTD: Still Feelin’ Like Fall


(Dress: Z Supply // Boots: Dan Post)

We’ve had a bit of a warm snap the last few days. It takes away from the Christmas spirit, but I’m not complaining because I hate the cold so much. When it comes to Christmas I still have a lot of shopping to do. I’ve done a few friends, but I still have basically all my family to do. How far along are you on holiday shopping?

The past few days my grandmother has been here while my granddad is in Canada visiting my aunt. Right now her and my mom are making cheese straws. I don’t know if you’ve ever had good cheese straws, but they are the best things. I practically forget how good they are until Christmas comes around and we start making them for neighbors. That’s a tradition I’m going to start when I move out. I’ve mentioned moving out, but I haven’t gotten there yet. The whole dying of Lyme has slowed that down, and I think my mom needs me here right now anyways. I’m perfectly fine with waiting, but I’m still daydreaming of decorating my own place.

A Riders Wish List

I often find myself looking through horse stuff that I can in no way afford. I think everyone can relate to that on a certain level, but when it comes to horse stuff things are so expensive that they don’t actually make it onto my Christmas wish list because I would never ask someone to spend that much money on me, my parents or otherwise. So I’ll continue lusting after the unattainable. Here’s whats in my dream shopping bag:

Untitled-1Ariat Denim Snap Shirt ($79.95)

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OOTD: I Showed Up in Boots

IMG_1614IMG_16131Shirt: LOFT // Shorts: American Eagle // Boots: Dan Post

Title as in the Garth Brooks song, “Blame it All on my Roots, I Showed up in Boots.” If there was ever an appropriate time to use that title I figured it involved my favorite cowboy boots – which are also the only shoes I own that cost more than $100. That’s standard for real working cowboy boots. But they’ll last me for as long as the insoles can last- then you replace them and keep wearing the boots. The ones I wear to the farm I wear every other day in tough conditions and they last for a very long time.

That’s one reason I say that if you want a pair of cowboy boots, it’s worth buying a real brand that people use to ride and work the farm in. They make really beautiful ones with that purpose!