Is My Style Right for… Blogging?

aI tweeted earlier today “Can I be a fun blogger without a white desk and an apple computer??” I meant it in a joking way, but let’s be honest, isn’t that all you see? So… should you be concerned about being successful when you don’t have the exact same aesthetic? No. Not all. And I’ll tell you why, it’s good to be different! It’s good to have a little sway in your style, because you want something to set you apart.

This picture for example was taken with my mom’s ipad, because, you guessed it, I don’t have one! As you can see, my handwriting isn’t flawless. If you look through my social media it’s not the same tactic as most bloggers. And I know I’m just starting out, I haven’t built up the followers that everyone else has, but I have done something that I feel like is important, and that’s going with the flow while still standing out.

  • Copy Quality, not Style. Quality is important no matter what style you produce, if you’ve got good quality photos and posts on your hand, your style is not something you should be too overly concerned about when comparing it to others.
  • Keep Your Personality in Every Post. You don’t have to tell a personal story with everything you post, but you need to have your own voice. People relate to people, and you’ll find people who relate to you. You don’t have to appeal to everyone as long as you appeal to the right people… your people.
  • Collect Ideas and Mix Them. Everyone finds inspiration in others, that’s nothing to be ashamed of! But don’t look through one blog at a time, or even one type of blog, go through a mixture of them at a time and then merge ideas into new fresh ones of your own. You know that saying “there is no new ideas”. It’s mostly true when it comes to blogging, but there is always new ways to present them.
  • Get Options. If your hiring someone, get more than two options, more than three. If your doing it yourself, don’t just stop with your first design. We all know when we like something, but when given a handful of things that we like, we tend to pick things that are more “us”.

Interior Inspiration: Farm House Style.

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Ya’ll may not know, but ever since I was about 13, my goal in life when it came to home ownership, was to “live in a white house with a front porch”. The exact details have shifted a bit in time. When I was 13 it was going to be located in a neighborhood like the one I grew up in. Now it’s more located outside of town, within a short drive, with a big yard, maybe enough land to have a horse or two out there with me. Long in short I went from wanting a more suburb styled house to a farm house, just in the same color with a front porch.

Well, the older I get the more and more I find myself interested in design and the more time I spend binge watching HGTV and DIY (want to watch something with this taste? Fixer Upper, it’s a favorite. Also, Rehab Addict). So I thought I’d share some of my favorite style inspirations. It’s clear to say they’re farm house inspired. The only real conflict with my taste? I’m hoping for kids some time in the long run, and, I’m in love with white interiors. Talk about hand prints, constant repainting, and bleach.

What’s your style? Does it match your lifestyle? Where do you pull inspiration from?