OOTD: Tackling what a lifestyle blog means to me


( Jeans: Banana Republic Factory // Shirt: Loft (similar) // Booties: Steve Madden (similar) // Sweater: J. Crew (similar) )

This is my first Outfit of the Day post in a little over a year, and that one was posted with the same disclaimer to why it had been so long. I stopped posting them because I got frustrated that those posts were doing better than my posts on serious topics like mental illness. I’m not a fashion blogger nor did I have desire to be, I added the OOTD because I thought how we present ourselves is a great part of lifestyle and this blog is supposed to be a lifestyle blog. That’s changed a little, and I didn’t really mean for it to. It started when I published “I’m Not Offended by my Bipolar Jokes. You Shouldn’t be Either.” I was really unsure when I published it, I thought it was going to go over poorly, but I was wrong, it did well and I felt amazing having published it. So, more serious posts started getting mixed into my blog. Posts on my personal relationship with suicide mixed with photo diaries of my horse. It felt good, then I got more invested in the serious topics, and as you might have noticed, they started to dominate.

It’s not a bad thing. The topics I’m writing about are important, at least to me, and I feel like they need to be talked about. That’s what a blog is supposed to be, isn’t it?

But I’ve strayed a little to far from where I started. I need a little lightness in these posts too. I need to include the everyday joys, after all, life isn’t just about the serious topics, and it definitely isn’t just about mental illness and other hardships.

So here is my outfit. Here is my smile. Here is a picture of me in my everyday life.

Anna Down South is about me as a whole, that includes seriousness and it includes happiness.

Fall at Reynolda


In the middle of last spring I ended up going to Reynolda Gardens in Winston Salem (NC) for the first time. Given the season everything was beautiful and in bloom. You can see all those photos here.

Now that it’s fall it’s a little different. They’ve still got a few things in bloom, some letting off some serious colors like the one below, but for the most part it’s a lot subtler. Still, the green house proves to be  beautiful any time of year and I’m excited that my doctors office is right down the road. It means I get to pop in every now and then and explore. Continue reading

OOTD: Burning it in Burgundy


(Jeans: Express // Ballet Flats: Banana Republic // Top: Forever 21)

This was my winter concert wear this past weekend. I haven’t put on these jeans in a while because they say they’re a size two- which I’m not. Luckily I tried them on just for the hell of it. Turns out they run big. I feel like they’ll be great around Christmas. They’re colored for this season! Do you guys have anything fun planned? This year will be the first Christmas we’ve done without my sister here, so that’ll be strange.

The weathers been a little back and forth but with the amount of rain we’ve had and are planning to get I think that there’s a big possibility for a white Christmas. I’m not holding my breath, because in North Carolina they’re not all too common. We’ll see though! (and I’d rather snow than all this rain)

Fall Colors:

006 004

North Carolina has been in and out of fall weather, but there is no question that it’s slowly getting colder and colder. Some parts of Greensboro have lost all their leaves, but campus is still colorful. I always feel like I miss fall, that I blink and the leaves have fallen and the pumpkins done away with. It’s one of the many reasons I don’t like Christmas to start till after thanksgiving. Fall is so beautiful, the weather is more mild than winter being crisp not cold, everything’s colorful, fresh apples are everywhere. Why would we want to fast forward through that?

Then again I’ve been fighting human natures want to fast forward through everything. We spend our weeks waiting for the weekends and our weekends waiting for the holidays. I’m still working on it, but how important is it to live in what’s happening and fully enjoy it.

OOTD: Feelin’ the Fall


Jacket: Express // Dress: Forever 21 // Boots: Kenneth Cole // Necklace: (similar x – x)

Who even made up the rule about wearing white after labor day? I know that by now everyone has pushed against it. Winter whites are in. Yet somehow I still don’t see many people wearing white in fall. It’s such a good color, it’s only downfall being that spills show. But today I managed to keep it clean through eating nachos with a girlfriend (which is such a feat), so if I can manage that I’m sure you can manage whatever your day throws your way.

It’s been pretty quiet here, the weathers been rainy, and though I’ve been pretty busy with school somehow this year is just flying right on by. I don’t even know how we made it this far into the semester. All of a sudden I’m thinking about Christmas gifts? I haven’t even felt fall yet.

Posin’ Pumpkin’

IMG_20151014_102933078_HDRIMG_20151014_103225859 IMG_20151014_102957138 IMG_20151014_102918164_HDR

I went to the farmers market for the first time today. It’s stupid that I’ve never been before seeing as I’ve lived here my whole life! I enjoyed it and bought a craft vanilla hand lotion and a my grandmother’s Christmas gift. All in all it was a good trip. I should have known I would love it because whenever I’ve been to a market in other cities I’ve loved it! How strange is it that this little Carolina girl went to one in Paris before she went to one in her home town.

I’ve been finding out more and more things to do in Greensboro. I really don’t know how I missed it all for all these years. I’d really recommend that everyone reading this dig in and find out if there is anything you’ve been missing in your home town. You don’t have to go far to explore!