Equine Study: Blurs and Spots



I’m sorry the blog content has been lacking a bit this past week or so, exam week crushed me this year and I’m just starting to bounce back in time for Christmas. So, it will pick up a little bit, I promise. I’ve got some bigger stuff in the works. Until then I leave you with my favorite photo subject along with these past posts to keep you inspired.

Totes Ma Goats


Had you asked me a few years ago if I liked goats I probably would have said I was indifferent, but I have to say, these little guys are growing on me steadily. Hence why I sneak off to the farm to take pictures of them during crunch time at the end of the semester.

Now, as for exam week- it’s kicking my ass.

Equine Study: Field Mates


At some point I figure people will start unfollowing Anna Down South simply because I post too many horse pictures. Is it a risk I’m willing to take? Clearly. It’s hard not to when these creatures pose so easily and are already such a huge part of my life. I do, honestly, try to switch it up a little and not only post my horse D’Artagnan (the spotted one of past posts (XX – X). So with that being said, here are some of his field mates. Grazing away just days away from fall foliage taking over.


IMG_2462 IMG_2468IMG_2464IMG_2471 IMG_2480  Meet D’Artagnan, the only stable man in my life (it’s okay, you can laugh, you’re supposed too). His name is french, if you are wondering (dar-tan-yon) is how you’d pronounce it. Bonus points to you if you can guess were it’s from below in comments. (hint: I’m an English major)

Just thought I’d share some pictures of the joy of my life.

Anna Oates, Stokesdale NC, 2012