October 1st and Chive Blooms:



Chives might not be something most people photograph, but the blooms are beautiful and perhaps the only ones in my yard at the current moment. The weather here in North Carolina is finally starting to shift into fall. We had a week of rain that dropped the temp. down to a more manageable one. Luckily today and yesterday we’ve had clearer skies. All the grey starts to get to me after a while. I love a stormy night as much as anyone, but I tire after a day or two. I’ve always laughed that I’m solar powered, and it feels more true than it should!

So here is me celebrating sunny fall weather with some spring like pictures.

Well, I promise when the leaves start changing I’ll be more in tune with the rest of the internet.

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Where the Daffodils Grow


Hey guys! It’s official- schools out forever. I’m so excited about it! And to prepare you, this is just the start of the flower pictures I have for you. In the next few days I’ll be posting my adventure pictures from The Reynolda Garden in Winston Salem. Till them have some neighborhood love with these pretty daffodils. Between the blooms and the warmer weather, there is no question why spring is my favorite season!