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The Candy Bomber:

Everyone needs a reminder how good the world is, even in the most evil time. This story is from World War 2. A man known as “The Candy Bomber”, named Gail Halvorsen, shared two sticks of gum with kids in the bombed destruction of Berlin. The kids split them as many times as they could and then passed around the wrappers to smell the mint. It gave Halvorsen the idea to ask his friends for their rations of gum and chocolate. He told the kids he would air drop the candy, like he had the supplies. He said they should look for the plain that waved it’s wings. He dropped the candy the next day all tied to handkerchiefs as parachutes.

Word got out around the states and soon tons of candy and handkerchiefs came pouring in. They dropped candy for days and days on end. Around Christmas time, and at first out of the hands of soldiers already fighting over seas. Halvorsen said that he got called in to talk to his officials, expecting to be chastised, but was greeted with warm regards and permission to continue.