Who taught you that? Asking where your ideas came from.


I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately, and the good kind, not the kind where I get really caught up in my own anxieties. I’ve been listening to a lot of smart people, but they haven’t been telling me what to think, which I’ve grown accustom to through years of schooling. No, these people I’ve found through varies outlets on my laptop, where asking me questions. They wanted me to produce the answers for myself.

In a debate I heard someone ask “who taught you that?” to someone who was presenting one of their most dramatic viewpoints, something that they saw completely as fact.

Who taught me my dramatic viewpoints? The answer isn’t one person, it hardly ever is. We tend to take notes from hundreds of people and then write our essays. That’s how we should do it anyways, if your answer is easily a single person than you should probably go take some more notes, even if it’s just to compare and contrast.

But the question got me thinking about how sometimes when we learn things we don’t question it. We just take someone’s (or a group of people’s) ideas and adapt them, they simply become our own. This happens a lot when we are surrounded by one kind of idea. When our notes are one sided.

It’s also why we can see such dramatic phases in our lives when we look back. Who were you around when you went into that stage. Who taught you that way of life?

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Why you shouldn’t do things just to inspire others:


When you say that people shouldn’t do things to impress others everyone agrees without hesitation, but when you say that you shouldn’t aspire to inspire, you get a little push back. People like being inspirational. Especially who live in modern times because we live in a world where everyone has a window to your life, even complete strangers (this blog, your Instagram- you know what I mean).

I got a little cocky the other day when one of my friends told me that they found my winning fight with something as inspirational. I let it go to my head a little, I was like, hell yes. I am inspirational. And I am, and honestly you are too, we are all inspirational, that’s not in question, it’s about doing things for the purpose of inspiring. It gets a little shady.

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Magazine of the Moment: Success


It’s been a while since I have done a Magazine of the Moment post (you can check out the past ones here) but I felt like this was a good time to do this particular magazine.

Success Magazine is marketed towards entrepreneurs, but it’s really a great read for any professional. The magazine covers self improvement, leadership, and ways to find happiness and (wait for it) success.

I say it’s a good time to spotlight this magazine because now that I’m healthy I’m starting to look back at going into the workforce. I’m borderline well, which means it’s time to get a proper plan in place. I prefer magazines like this for inspiration than those like Inc. because I find the articles more digestible and the topics more suited for people of different walks of life. We can’t all be CEO’s.

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Inspiration Book Pages:

IMG_2570IMG_2571 IMG_2572IMG_2567

I love this little book. It’s so therapeutic to make and it’s actually inspiring to look back at- I know that’s what I made it for, but sometimes I’m surprised when it works out as well as I want it to. I’ve been thinking about making more of this kind of craft books. This one is for inspiration but who knows what else they could be. I could mix one with everyday journal entities. I would say my poetry and prose could be mixed media also, but I really love my huge leather notebook being all text in all black ink.

Now if I set up a used magazine PO box would you send them to me -kidding- (mostly)

See the rest of my inspiration book’s pages here and here.

Inspiration Book Pages:

IMG_2167 IMG_2168 IMG_2169I shared the first section of my inspiration book and explained it here, and I haven’t had a ton of things to clip since, but yesterday I bought and read a few magazine so it was time for some more pages! This book has been really great to flip through, especially since I use so many different kind of magazines to make it. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m all for paper products and being able to hold the finished project. I know this book gives off the same vibes as my tumblr, but it somehow means more having cut out each picture. Anyways, it lets me keep the things I really want in magazines without having to keep a collection of them!

Creating an Inspiration Book:


My inspiration book is just a plain spiral notebook where I paste clipping and write short entries with titles. I just started this project about a week ago and I’m already loving it. I’ve always been one to find things in magazines and catalogs that I want to keep, even more so in the summer months with by the pool readings. I read business magazines along with fashion and home magazines and some images and articles are down right inspiring! There have been many things I read and relate to, advice that I need to hear, or things I want to wear or decorate my house with.

This book is a place for all of those to come together, in a piece by piece book. I know that some people do them by topic (similar to a physical pintrest!) But I like having them all in one place, made into a “life” inspiration- not just a subject by subject on.

The pros to having something like this instead of an electronic version is that it will be less cluttered and that it will be much more personal and easy to remember. How many times do you pin 20+ things on a board only to forget 90% of them an hour or so later?

There’s also joy in holding a physical book that you just can’t beat- something that book blogs everywhere agree when it comes to the paper verses e-book debate. Plus, like every kind of craft there is huge amount of stress relief that comes with cutting, pasting, and browsing pages.

Here’s a list of things you can include in your inspiration book!

  • Hair inspiration
  • Food inspiration
  • Business tips
  • Home inspiration
  • Articles you relate to personally
  • Motivational quotes
  • Design inspiration
  • Fashion inspiration
  • Make up inspiration
  • Confidence boosters
  • Personal entries related to clippings
  • & unrelated
  • Photography styles you want to recreate
  • Icons and role models
  • Lists of goals
  • Lists of achievements


Some Advice:

hhhhhWe can’t only do the stuff we enjoy for the rest of our lives- but we can do more of it than we do. Our culture is very into the “do what you love” movement, and man is it amazing, but realistically not everyone can do what they love. We have to get money, we have to do the house work. It’s not an option to get rid of all of these things. But it is an option to make them less time consuming. House work? Clean as you go to save time for the things you love. Set aside blocks of time for hobbies. Make time for people.

Remember that it’s not just huge time consuming things that make you happy. It’s also little beautiful moments in life. So why this advice might seem to be reaching for the stars on what you’re able to do… it’s not. Make the lists and look over it. It might be as simple as reading for thirty minutes before bed or premaking homemade waffles on the weekend so you can eat them every work morning.

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