You’re a person, you don’t have to stay on brand all the time.


In this social media world we live in it’s easy to get caught up in our aesthetic. I don’t think that word was a part of my everyday vocabulary until about two or three years ago. In some ways it’s wonderful to be able to express exactly what you like so easily. It’s nice being able to control what kind of vibes you let off into the world.

But, this shift in how we’re presenting ourselves has lead us to keeping certain parts of ourselves ‘offline’ or just generally ‘out of sight’. I know I’ve faced this myself, having a great memory or picture but not wanting to post it because it doesn’t fit with my Instagram feed. Or even offline, finding a dress I really like and would wear but not buying it because I don’t know if it really meshes with my style.

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Six of my favorite Instagram accounts:


Consider this a follow Friday on a Thursday! I’ve never been very good with keeping up with the appropriate time to use a hashtag. I’m known to #tbt on a Monday.

I did a post on blogs you should follow a while back, so I wanted to do one that include five of my favorite Instagram accounts so everyone on her could go check them out! The sixth is mine, because I’m shamelessly self promoting.

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How to Beat Social Media


Did you know social media is linked to depression? Well, it is. The principle behind it is that you see other people doing awesome things and you compare that to you not doing awesome things. I think we’ve all been victims of that. I think we’ve also all been known to try to portray our life as a more interesting one than it is on social media.

Which is fine, I mean, I only want to remember the good stuff three years from now scrolling through my instagram. The real solution isn’t to post everything online, but to remember that nobody does. We’re missing all the ugly cries and silly fights from that one blogger who seems to have everything together.

But I’m telling you things you already know. We’ve been lectured not to compare our lives to others for as long as we’ve been alive. That’s all fine and well, but it doesn’t stop us from doing it. Which is why I’m going on to post these solutions for fighting back against social media’s bad side effects:

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Some Links to Love before Starting your Busy Week


  • Successful people tend to be those who are productive, here’s a post about the six things that those people do daily.
  • This etsy shop that’s selling jewelry based on your favorite cities. The Rome one has me dreaming about my vacation there.
  • Stressed? Spend some time in the stars- or better yet creating your own. I love the relaxing and artsy ways behind this galaxy creator.
  • This dove beauty commercial making me have all the emotions.
  • I’m not a Cyrus family lover, but I recently discovered the oldest daughter is a style blogger and have enjoyed looking through her edgy outfits. (plus she has a horse and you know how I feel about those.)
  • “Social media is not real life, but that’s not the problem.” is the title of this blog post discussing Essena O’Neill and her big statement that shook the insta world this month. A great read.

On Insta: The End of Summer


If your life has been half as busy as mine, than your unsure whether going back to school will be calming or more stressful. With a lot of family member going in and out of the hospital, a new job, the end of an internship, and homework… I’ve been swamped to say the least. The good news is that I still feel like it’s summer despite all the hustle and bustle. I’ve gotten to enjoy the season and I’m getting to go to the lake come Sunday. Now for that twenty page paper I need to finish.

On Insta: 21st Style


My 20th year was a good one. I am finally at a point in my life were I’m there is not a shortage of good people. I feel like I’m making progress rather than stuck in time. It’s amazing how much can happen over a year, or even two really. Everyone says that the twenties are years of growth, and they weren’t lying. I guess I wasn’t expecting it to be such good growth though. There has been a fair amount of negative things, just as there always is, but I’m at a point were I can say with confidence that the good is outweighing the bad. I can’t say how much of that is because of my changed perspective on life and how much of it is a good hand by God. But I’m thankful. I’m thankful that I’ve grown and that I’m in a place where I can see my life keep growing. Hello 21. Here I am.