About College: The parts that are more valuable than the degree



As tuition prices sky-rocket a lot of people have started asking if college degrees are worth the money. In some ways they are, but the degree itself doesn’t mean much unless you’re becoming a doctor or a lawyer. It’s a piece of paper, a line item on your resume, that over half of the other applicants have on their’s as well.

In my opinion, college isn’t really about the degree. Sure it’s the end goal, you definitely want to get it if you start it, but it’s not the most valuable part. The value of college comes in other activities only available on a college campus. And I’m not talking about a social life. I’m not taking about taking another four years before hitting the real world. I’m talking about the resume items colleges offer.

My resume was beautiful leaving college, at least, beautiful for a kid in her early twenties who had never had a full-time job before. That wasn’t the focus though, you didn’t see the part-time work at the fro-yo place, you saw list of college activities and courses that counted as real world experience.

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On Growing Up: Let it Call you Home


Today I realized that one of my friends will never put down roots, not because she’s incapable, but rather because she doesn’t want them and never has. She wants to be free, she wants to adventure, and she wants to travel constantly. And as much as my heart longs for adventure and travel, I know that I must always have a home. I need a place to come back to, a place that never changes, a place where my roots are planted so deep the storms can’t rock me.

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